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OTR Podcast Archive

Archive of my Published Podcasts I'm keeping this archive of shows I've uploaded and posted, to make it easier for you to fi...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

OTR Podcast Archive

Archive of my Published Podcasts

I'm keeping this archive of shows I've uploaded and posted, to make it easier for you to find whatever types of shows you're in the mood to hear, and in case you missed them on my Facebook Page feed.  I'm also keeping this list so that I can make sure I don't upload duplicates.  My blog does have a search box, but I've found it doesn't work as good as it should, so this Archive Post makes things much easier to find and keep track.  I'll update this post soon after I post the shows on Facebook.

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*** 2000 Plus ***

2000 Plus 51-12-26 The Temple of the Pharaohs
2000 Plus 50-11-15 Worlds Apart
2000 Plus 50-07-05 A Veteran Comes Home
2000 Plus 50-05-17 The Insect
2000 Plus 50-11-08 The Giant Walks
2000 Plus 51-10-10 The Rocket and the Skull
2000 PLUS 50-04-26 When The Machines Went Mad
2000 Plus 50-09-28 The Green Thing

*** Abbott and Costello ***

Abbott and Costello Show 44-01-13 Lou Is Not Feeling Well
Abbott and Costello 45-03-08 New Press Agent
Abbott and Costello Show 45-01-11 Lou's House Needs A Bathtub
Abbott and Costello Show 44-04-06 Guest Cary Grant
Abbott & Costello 48-06-02 Guest Lon Chaney Jr
Abbott & Costello Show 44-03-23 A Psychiatrist for Costello with Linda Darnell
Abbott & Costello Show 44-10-19 Lou Goes to Jail
Abbott & Costello 46-04-25 The Sheriff of North Hollywood
Abbott & Costello 48-11-11 Sam Shovel - Sorry, Wrong Rhumba
Abbott & Costello 45-06-28 Return to Paterson
Abbott & Costello 45-01-25 Lou Wants to Join the Merchant Marines
Abbott & Costello Show 44-01-20 Football Game with Harold Peary
Abbott and Costello Show 44-02-10 Robinson Crusoe with Charles Laughton
Abbott & Costello 45-04-05 Trying to Hire the Andrews Sisters
Abbott & Costello 47-02-13 Costello Buys a Boat
Abbott & Costello 44-12-21 Christmas Party
Abbott & Costello Show 43-12-23 Christmas Show
Abbott & Costello 48-12-23 Sam Shovel - I'm All Yours in Buttons and Bows
Abbott & Costello Show 47-12-24 Christmas Program
Abbott & Costello 45-12-20 Lou's Christmas Party
Abbott & Costello 44-11-23 Formal Thanksgiving Dinner
Abbott & Costello Show 48-11-25 Plymouth Rock
Abbott & Costello 42-10-15 Bank Robbery with Marlene Dietrich
Abbott and Costello 45-06-14 Costello's Father's Day Gift
Abbott and Costello 44-11-02 Mortimer's Pet Shop
Abbott and Costello 43-12-02 Trip to Palm Springs with Veronica Lake
Abbott & Costello 47-12-31 New Year's Eve
Abbott & Costello 44-11-09 Lou's Race Horse, Peanut Butter
Abbott and Costello 44-01-06 Lou's Engaged to Judy Canova
Abbott and Costello 43-03-16 At the Circus with Alan Hale
Abbott & Costello 48-12-30 Sam Shovel - The Murder at the Radio Quiz Show
Abbott & Costello 44-12-14 Christmas Shopping for Lou's Girlfriend
Abbott and Costello 43-11-25 Turkey Dinner
Abbott and Costello 42-11-19 Knights in Shining Armor with Merle Oberon
Abbott & Costello 43-11-18 Nylon Stockings with Lucille Ball
Abbott & Costello 48-12-09 Sam Shovel - He Died With His Beauts On
Abbott & Costello 44-12-07 Visit to Tin Pan Alley
Abbott & Costello 44-03-02 Guests Blondie & Dagwood
Abbott & Costello 48-05-12 Radio Poll
Abbott & Costello 45-12-27 Costello's Beauty Shop
Abbott & Costello 45-04-26 Making a Movie with the Andrews Sisters
Abbott & Costello 47-04-17 Costello Is Invited to Join the Yankees
Abbott & Costello 45-02-15 Jack and the Beanstalk

*** Academy Awards Theater ***

Academy Award Theater 46-11-27 Lost Horizon
Academy Award Theater 46-11-13 Night Train
Academy Award 46-07-03 The Maltese Falcon
Academy Awards Theater 46-04-27 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

*** Aldrich Family  ***

Aldrich Family 49-01-20 Dinner Date With Kathleen
Aldrich Family 48-04-01 April Fool's Day Jokes
Aldrich Family 48-12-30 New Years Eve Party
Aldrich Family 52-12-21 Christmas Eve With The Family
Aldrich Family 48-12-23 Christmas Program
Aldrich Family 52-11-23 The Thanksgiving Turkey
Aldrich Family 40-10-31 Halloween Prank Backfires
Aldrich Family 40-05-28 Cross Country Race
Aldrich Family 43-02-11 Valentine's Day Party
Aldrich Family 52-10-26 Parents Day
Aldrich Family 49-04-28 Date With A Tall Girl
Aldrich Family 48-04-29 Mother's Day

*** The Andrews Sisters ***

Andrews Sisters 45-11-21 Guest Ethel Merman
Andrews Sisters 44-12-31 Guest - Bing Crosby, Gabby Hayes
The Andrews Sisters Show 45-11-28 Abbott and Costello
The Andrews Sisters 45-12-19 Guest Ray Noble

*** Archie Andrews ***

Archie Andrews 48-09-04 The Big Dance
Archie Andrews 48-12-14 Job at the Drugstore
Archie Andrews 48-10-30 Halloween Party

*** The Avenger ***

The Avenger 45-07-27 The Crypt of Thoth
The Avenger 45-10-26 Cradle of Doom
The Avenger 11-01-45 The Mystery Of The Giant Brain
The Avenger 45-10-12 Death Rings the Bell

*** Baby Snooks ***

Baby Snooks 45-11-25 The Meat Piller
Baby Snooks 46-11-01 Halloween Joke Boomerangs

*** Behind The Mike ***

Behind The Mike 40-09-22 Warming Up A Studio Audience
Behind The Mike 40-10-27 Stoogedom
Behind The Mike 41-05-18 Amusing Stories Behind Radio
Behind The Mike 41-03-02 Pioneers Of Radio Entertainment
Behind The Mike 41-02-23 Comedy Broadcasts
Behind The Mike 40-11-03 Sound Effects

*** Bergen and McCarthy ***

Chase and Sanborn Hour 37-08-22 Glenda FarrellCharlie McCarthy Show 45-01-14 Louis Bromfield
Chase and Sanborn Hour 37-05-09 Rodgers & Hart, Ann Harding, WC Fields
Charlie McCarthy Show 47-10-26 Richard Widmark
Charlie McCarthy Show 47-11-16 Lana Turner
Chase and Sanborn Hour 37-09-05 Ida Lupino
Charlie McCarthy Show 44-02-06 Susan Hayward
Charlie McCarthy Show 43-04-18 Ronald Colman
Charlie McCarthy Show 44-03-12 Charles Ruggles and Jane Powell
Charlie McCarthy Show 52-05-25 The Mills Brothers
Charlie McCarthy Show 45-12-02 Walter Pidgeon
Charlie McCarthy Show 43-12-05 Bert Lahr, Fats Waller & Jane Powell
Charlie McCarthy Show 44-04-02 Orson Welles and Jane Powell
The New Edgar Bergen Hour 56-01-29 Stan Erwin
Charlie McCarthy Show 43-09-05 Jean Arthur
The New Edgar Bergen Hour 56-03-04 Fugitives From the FBI
Charlie McCarthy Show 45-04-01 Elsa Maxwell
Charlie McCarthy Show 43-02-07 Teresa Wright
Charlie McCarthy Show 44-10-15 Gertrude Niesen
Charlie McCarthy Show 42-10-18 From Quantico Marine Base
Charlie McCarthy Show 46-02-17 Ray Milland
Charlie McCarthy Show 48-12-26 Last Show for Chase and Sanborn
Charlie McCarthy Show 45-02-04 Dr Albert Edward Wiggam
Chase and Sanborn Hour 38-07-31 Fay Bainter
Charlie McCarthy Show 44-10-22 Charlie Opens A Frog Farm
Charlie McCarthy Show 44-01-23 Greer Garson
Charlie McCarthy Show 42-06-21 Judy Garland
New Edgar Bergen Hour 55-12-25 Christmas Show
Charlie McCarthy Show 44-12-24 Navy Choir
Charlie McCarthy Show 49-12-25 Hopalong Cassidy
Charlie McCarthy Show 48-12-19 Christmas Show with Mario Lanza
Charlie McCarthy 45-10-14 Hildegarde
Charlie McCarthy Show 42-10-11 From Annapolis Naval Academy
Chase And Sanborn Hour 38-01-30 Guest Boris Karloff
Charlie McCarthy Show 43-10-31 Dorothy Lamour
The New Edgar Bergen Hour 56-04-08 Interplanetary Western
Chase & Sanborn Hour 37-09-12 Bette Davis
Charlie McCarthy Show 43-10-10 Marjorie Main
Charlie McCarthy Show 44-03-05 Cecil B Demille
Chase and Sanborn Program 43-05-23 Charles Boyer
Charlie McCarthy Show 48-01-11 Lucille Ball
Charlie McCarthy Show 45-11-04 Elsa Maxwell
New Edgar Bergen Hour 56-03-25 Mortimer's Ups & Downs
Charlie McCarthy 43-12-12 Bert Lahr and Lena Horne
Charlie McCarthy 43-05-30 Walter Pigeon
Chase and Sanborn Hour 38-10-30 Madeline Carroll
Chase And Sanborn Hour 37-10-17 Guests Clark Gable and The Stroud Twins
Charlie McCarthy Show 46-11-17 Tallulah Bankhead
Charlie McCarthy Show 44-01-30 Basil Rathbone
Charlie McCarthy 43-04-25 A Spoof On 'Showboat'
Charlie McCarthy 37-12-12 Mae West
Bergen and McCarthy 56-01-01 Lew Ayers
Bergen and McCarthy 44-12-31 Charles Laughton
Charlie McCarthy 47-10-05 Don Ameche
Charlie McCarthy Show 47-11-02 Guest Fred Allen
New Edgar Bergen Hour 56-03-18 McCarthy's Cavalcade of Flops
Charlie McCarthy 45-02-18 Ginny Simms and Veronica Lake
The Charlie McCarthy Show 45-03-11 Joan Blondell - Bud Blooms in Brooklyn
Bergen and McCarthy Show 43-09-26 Hedy Lamarr
Charlie McCarthy 43-04-11 Martha Raye and Bill Thompson
Bergen and McCarthy 43-03-28 Roy Rogers
Charlie McCarthy 42-11-08 W C Fields
Charlie McCarthy 47-02-16 Nelson Eddy, Billie Burke
Charlie McCarthy 43-02-14 Charles Ruggles
Chase And Sanborn Hour 39-09-17 Guests - Helen Broderick, Fred MacMurray
Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy 45-09-23 Ann Baxter & Keenan Wynn
Bergen and McCarthy 41-11-23 Albert E. Wiggam
Charlie McCarthy 52-11-09 Marilyn Monroe
Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy 1944-10-29 Halloween with Orson Welles
Chase And Sanborn Hour 39-09-03 Guest - Wendy Barrie
Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy 55-11-27 With Jack Benny and Special guest F. W. Hodge
Charlie McCarthy 47-01-19 10th Anniversary Show
Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy 44-02-20 Edgar's Birthday
Chase Sanborn Hour 37-07-04 4th Of July With Guest Zazu Pitts
Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy 45-09-30 Fred Allen
Bergen and McCarthy 45-10-28 Boris Karloffs Haunted House
Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy 44-11-05 Guest John Robert Powers
Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy 43-09-12 Humphrey Bogart
Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy 45-01-07 Carmen Miranda
Edgar Bergen 42-06-28 Guest Walter Brennan
Charlie McCarthy 41-09-21 W C Fields

*** The Big Show ***
The Big Show 50-11-12 Groucho Marx and Fanny Brice

*** Bing Crosby ***

Philco Radio Time with Bing Crosby 46-11-27 Judy Garland
Bing Crosby Show 51-03-14 Guest Judy Garland
Bing Crosby Show 49-11-02 Guest Bob Hope
The Bing Crosby Show 50-02-08 Guest Fred Allen
Kraft Music Hall w/ Bing Crosby 44-12-21 Christmas Show
The Bing Crosby Show 50-01-11 Guest - Groucho Marx
Bing Crosby - Philco Radio Time 47-10-29 Boris Karloff and Victor Moore

*** Biographies in Sound ***

Biographies in Sound 56-05-15 Recollections at Thirty
Biographies In Sound 56-12-18 A Portrait of Fred Allen
Biographies in Sound 56-09-25 The Adventures of W C Fields

*** The Blue Beetle ***

Blue Beetle 40-05-24 Blasting The Dynamite Gang
The Blue Beetle 40-08-14 Underworld Goes Underground
Blue Beetle 40-06-07 Sea Serpent
The Blue Beetle 40-06-05 Death Strikes From The East

*** Bob and Ray ***

Matinee with Bob and Ray 49-09-06 How To Change Horses In Midstream
Bob and Ray 49-09-17 Telegraphic Baseball
Bob and Ray 51-06-01 Diet Expert Dr Claudius Von Sturdley
Bob and Ray Show 59-12-24 Giving Christmas Gifts To The Cast
Bob and Ray 50-12-23 The Left Over Christmas Party Guest
Bob and Ray 49-12-21 A Visit with Santa's Helpers
Bob and Ray 49-07-18 Fiction Is Truther Than Strange
Bob and Ray 48-10-13 Bob is out Sick
Matinee with Bob & Ray 1949-12-31 - New Years Eve Show

*** Bob Hope ***

Bob Hope Show 45-11-20 From El Toro Marine Base - Joe E Brown
Bob Hope Show 51-12-25 Christmas Show from Long Beach, CA
Bob Hope Show 45-12-04 Guest Jimmy Durante
Bob Hope Show 45-11-20 Guest Joe E Brown
Bob Hope Show 43-02-09 Guests Dorothy Lamour, Paulette Goddard, Veronica Lake
Bob Hope Show 45-12-18 From San Francisco
Bob Hope 46-12-24 Bing Crosby, Doris Day, General Omar Bradley
Bob Hope 45-11-27 From USC, Red Skelton, Peggy Ryan
Bob Hope Show 48-11-09 Guest - Jack Benny
Bob Hope Show 45-02-27 Guest Frank Sinatra
Bob Hope Birthday Special 63-05-29 Host Hugh Downs
Bob Hope 52-03-25 Gracie Allen
Bob Hope Show 43-09-28 Guest - Orson Welles
Bob Hope Show 43-12-28 Guest Cary Grant
Bob Hope Show 42-12-29 Long Beach Ferry Command
The Bob Hope Show 41-01-28 Guest Basil Rathbone
Bob Hope 51-10-02 Long Beach Air Naval Station
Bob Hope 46-10-29 Guest - Fred Allen, Minerva Pious
Bob Hope Show 50-06-06 Guest Arthur Godfrey
Bob Hope Show 50-02-07 From The Vine Street Playhouse With Fred Allen
Bob Hope 53-07-01 Guest Jane Wyman
Bob Hope 50-03-14 Fred Allen
Bob Hope 52-04-01 Guest Claudette Colbert
Bob Hope 44-10-17 From Stockton Air Field
Bob Hope 41-04-01 Guest - Kate Smith
Bob Hope 38-11-08 Guest - Chico Marx
The Bob Hope Show 53-01-07 Guest - Jack Benny
Bob Hope 41-06-03 Guest - Humphrey Bogart

*** Bold Venture ***

Bold Venture 51-03-26 Deadly Merchandise
Bold Venture 52-04-21 The Mystery of the Mary K
Bold Venture 52-04-14 Marriage And Murder
Bold Venture 51-09-24 Murder in the Yucatan
Bold Venture 51-05-07 Espionage and Murder in San Toma
Bold Venture 51-09-10 Out of Control
Bold Venture 51-08-20 The Ghost Ship
Bold Venture 6-11-1951 The Tears Of Siva

*** Boston Blackie ***

Boston Blackie 47-01-28 Jacques Pierre And The Diamonds
Boston Blackie 45-07-09 The Worthington Pearls
Boston Blackie 45-08-06 Hypnotic Murder
Boston Blackie 48-04-14 Murder At The Circus
Boston Blackie 46-10-22 Farady is Shot
Boston Blackie 46-10-08 Murdered Show Dog Owner
Boston Blackie 47-01-14 Blackie and the Fur Thefts
Boston Blackie 45-05-16 Uncle Bill Blaines Legacy
Boston Blackie 45-12-13 Murder At The Movies
Boston Blackie 1946-12-03 Blackie goes to jail for diamond theft
Boston Blackie 47-05-28 The Ghost Of Florence Newton

*** Bulldog Drummond ***

Bulldog Drummond 42-09-14 Blind Man's Bluff
Bulldog Drummond 45-04-23 Dinner Of Death
Bulldog Drummond 48-3-10 Death Loops The Loop
Bulldog Drummond 48-04-21 Devil Flats
Bulldog Drummond 47-01-17 Claim Check Murders
Bulldog Drummond 46-10-14 The Case Of The Fatal Right
Bulldog Drummond 1944-06-26 Nazi Sub
Bulldog Drummond 42-01-25 The Circus
Bulldog Drummond 48-06-16 Death In The Deep

*** Burns and Allen ***

Burns and Allen Show 45-06-25 George To Entertain Troops
Burns and Allen 48-11-11 Fifteenth Wedding Anniversary
Burns and Allen 48-01-08 George and Jack Benny as Gypsies
Burns and Allen 43-04-20 Broke Uncle Hurbert
Burns and Allen 42-11-03 The Man from MGM
Burns and Allen Show 40-04-24 The Biggest in the World
Burns and Allen 43-01-26 King George
Burns and Allen 40-04-17 All Promises Are Fictitious
Burns and Allen 40-04-10 Gracie Wins Wisconsin
Burns and Allen 40-04-03 Till the Cows Come Home
Burns and Allen 40-03-27 Surprise Party Platform
Burns and Allen 40-03-13 Gracie's Triumphant Return
Burns and Allen Show 42-12-29 Gracie's Dating Service
Burns and Allen Show 42-12-22 Santa and the Pirates
Burns and Allen 43-12-21 Playing Santa Claus
Burns and Allen Show 36-12-23 Gracie's Christmas Carol
Burns and Allen 41-12-16 Mailing A Christmas Package
Burns and Allen 40-12-23 Christmas Show
Burns and Allen 36-11-25 Landing of the Indians at Plymouth
Burns and Allen 43-10-19 Guest Pat O'Brien
Burns and Allen 40-09-16 George Needs a Guest Star
Burns and Allen Show 47-05-29 Deciding How To Spend Summer Vacation
Burns and Allen 43-08-31 Guest Frank Sinatra
Burns and Allen 42-12-15 The Swami's Predictions
Burns and Allen 43-10-12 Eddie Cantor Stays for Dinner
Burns and Allen 43-03-30 Victory Garden
Burns and Allen 38-01-17 Another Murder Mystery
Burns and Allen 45-04-02 George Goes Rabbit Hunting
Burns and Allen 41-03-17 Saint Patrick's Day Parade
Burns and Allen 47-02-20 15th Year On The Radio
Burns and Allen 46-05-09 Guest - Harpo Marx
Burns and Allen 47-03-06 Gracie Takes Up Crime Solving
Burns and Allen 40-11-18 Thanksgiving
Burns and Allen 48-05-20 Gracie's Mother Visits
Burns and Allen 48-03-25 Gracie Buys George An Easter Outfit
Burns and Allen 40-08-05 George's Movie
Burns and Allen 48-12-30 New Year's Eve Party
Burns and Allen Show 41-12-23 Santa and the Wicked Witch
Burns and Allen 44-12-19 Christmas Presents
Burns and Allen 42-11-17 Hat Box Hostage
Burns and Allen 40-08-12 Gold Rush Gracie
Burns and Allen 47-09-25 Beating The High Cost Of Living
Burns and Allen 38-01-10 Gracie's Murder Mystery
Burns and Allen 45-11-08 George Lands Movie Part as a Wolf
Burns and Allen 1940-07-29 Kiddie Party
Burns and Allen 1940-07-08 - Grandpa's 92nd birthday
Burns and Allen 43-11-02 Jack Benny In The Beauty Shop
Burns and Allen 41-03-17 Saint Patricks Parade
Burns and Allen 1941-02-24 Gracie is Late for Show

*** Campbell Playhouse ***

Campbell Playhouse 40-10-28 Wells Meets Welles
Campbell Playhouse 39-12-24 A Christmas Carol
Campbell Playhouse 38-12-23 A Christmas Carol
Campbell Playhouse 39-01-13 Mutiny on the Bounty
Campbell Playhouse 39-11-12 The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
Campbell Playhouse 39-12-03 Lost Horizon
Campbell Playhouse 39-03-17 Beau Geste

*** The Casebook Of Gregory Hood ***

The Casebook Of Gregory Hood 46-06-17 Murder of Gregory Hood
The Casebook Of Gregory Hood 46-06-24 The Adventure of the Beeswax Candle
The Casebook Of Gregory Hood 46-06-03 The Case of the Three Silver Pesos

*** Cavalcade of America ***

Cavalcade of America 36-01-01 Declaration of Independence
Cavalcade of America 36-12-30 Yankee Independence
Cavalcade of America 41-02-26 Edgar Allan Poe

*** CBS News of the World ***

CBS World News Today 42-12-20 War and Political News
CBS World News 1944-06-06 D-Day Broadcast
CBS News of the World A.M. Edition 42-06-01

*** CBS Radio Mystery Theater ***

CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74-01-07 The Return of the Moresbys
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 79-02-26 Hickory Dickory Doom
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74-10-28 Possessed by the Devil
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74-02-03 The Sign of the Beast
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74-02-02 A Ghostly Game of Death
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 78-10-11 The Man in Black
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 77-10-07 The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 77-06-28 The Adventure Of The Speckled Band
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74-02-22 The Horla
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 77-11-08 The Haunted Mill
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 77-08-17 In The Fog
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 77-03-08 The Sign of Four
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74-05-02 Dracula
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 80-02-20 The Vampire Plant
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 75-10-16 Stay Out Of Dutchman's Woods
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 81-08-31 The Musgrave Ritual
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 77-03-1 The Hound of the Baskervilles
The CBS Radio Mystery Theater 77-07-25 The Adventure of the Blue Carbunkle
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 77-04-26 Adventure of the Red-Headed League
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 78-12-11 A Horror Story
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 76-10-30 Witches' Sabbath

*** Chase and Sanborn Anniversaries ***

Chase and Sanborn 65-11-14 Chase and Sanborn 101st Anniversary Program
Chase and Sanborn 64-11-15 Chase and Sanborn 100th Anniversary Program

*** Columbia Workshop ***

Columbia Workshop 44-05-30 Untitled
Columbia Workshop 40-07-28 Carmilla
Columbia Workshop 37-07-11 The Tell-Tale Heart

*** Command Performance ***

Command Performance 44-11-01 Encore Command Performance
Command Performance 42-08-30 Bing Crosby, James Cagney, Larry Adler
Command Performance 43-02-13 Rita Hayworth, Burns and Allen, Betty Hutton
Command Performance 42-06-02 Mickey Rooney, Amos 'n Andy, Harry James
Command Performance 46-01-31 Robert Young, Jack Benny, Chico Marx
Command Performance 42-03-01 Eddie Cantor, Danny Kaye, Dinah Shore
Command Performance 42-04-12 Gene Tierney - Edgar Bergen - Betty Hutton
Command Performance 42-11-10 Jack Benny, Alice Faye, Cass Daley
Command Performance 42-05-07 - Betty Grable, Jack Benny, Judy Canova
Command Performance 42-04-28 - Adolphe Menjou, Fibber McGee and Molly, Red Skelton
Command Performance 42-05-13 National Association of Broadcasters Show
Command Performance 42-04-19 Shirley Temple - Baby Snooks - Abbott and Costello
Command Performance - 42-03-13 Kate Smith, Henny Youngman, Robert Benchley
Command Performance 43-12-25 Christmas Special
Command Performance 44-11-23 Thanksgiving Special
Command Performance 45-09-06 Bing Crosby-Bob Hope-Frank Sinatra
Command Performance 46-11-10 Superman with Bob Hope and Bela Lugosi
Command Performance 45-02-15 Dick Tracy in B Flat
Command Performance - 42-03-18 - Fred Allen, Henny Youngman, Gladys Swarthout

*** Creeps By Night ***

Creeps by Night 44-05-23 The Strange Burial of Alexander Jordan
Creeps by Night 44-06-20 Those Who Walk in Darkness

*** Dangerous Assignment ***

Dangerous Assignment 51-01-13 Missing Scientist
Dangerous Assignment 50-12-02 The Empty Matchbook
Dangerous Assignment 50-05-24 Burmese Witnesses
Dangerous Assignment 50-10-06 Tokyo
Dangerous Assignment 50-05-31 Little White Pill
Dangerous Assignment 50-07-26 Five Gardenias
Dangerous Assignment 50-02-20 The Greek Connection
Dangerous Assignment 50-05-10 Smash Lecture Circuit Spy Ring
Dangerous Assignment 50-06-07 Deadly Bacteria
Dangerous Assignment 50-04-10 Pirate Loot
Dangerous Assignment 50-02-06 Missing Japanese Weapons
Dangerous Assignment 49-08-06 Millionaire Murders
Dangerous Assignment 50-12-30 Assignment Eastern Europe
Dangerous Assignment 50-12-09 Smash Berlin Kidnapping Ring
Dangerous Assignment 49-07-09 Relief Supplies
Dangerous Assignment 50-2-13 Captain Rock
Dangerous Assignment - 49-08-13 - alien smuggling
Dangerous Assignment 49-07-23 - Nigerian Safari

*** Danny Kaye ***

Danny Kaye 45-01-20 The Blues
Danny Kaye Show 45-03-17 One Man's Irish Family
Danny Kaye Show 45-02-10 Sends Valentine To Jack Benny
Danny Kaye 45-03-10 Romeo and Juliet
Danny Kaye Show 45-03-24 Mystery of the Murdered Meatball
Danny Kaye 45-01-13 The Life Of Danny Kaye
Danny Kaye 45-02-17 Dog Gets Danny Evicted
Danny Kaye 45-10-26 Jack Benny Substitutes

*** Dark Fantasy ***

Dark Fantasy 41-11-14 The Man Who Came Back
Dark Fantasy 42-04-03 The Thing From The Darkness
Dark Fantasy 41-12-05 The Demon Tree
Dark Fantasy 42-02-06 The Sea Phantom
Dark Fantasy 42-02-27 Spawn Of The Sub Human
Dark Fantasy 42-02-20 A Delicate Case Of Murder

*** Dark Venture ***

Dark Venture 46-12-02 The Man In 206
Dark Venture 46-11-18 The Only Inhabitant

*** Dennis Day Show ***

Dennis Day Show 47-09-24 Dennis Impersonates a Big Railroad Boss
Dennis Day Show 46-12-25 The Boy Who Sang for a King
Dennis Day 48-10-30 Dennis Is Accused of Stealing Mrs Anderson's Earrings
Dennis Day 47-10-01 Dennis Tries to Enlist Support for a New Jail
A Day In The Life Of Dennis Day 47-09-03 Dennis Runs for Mayor
Dennis Day 47-02-12 Dennis Becomes Irresistible to Women

*** Dimension X ***

Dimension X 50-07-14 The Man In The Moon
Dimension X 50-08-25 The Parade
Dimension X 51-08-23 Untitled Story
Dimension X 50-06-24 Destination Moon
Dimension X 50-08-11 The Castaways
Dimension X 50-09-22 Dr Grimshaws Sanitarium
Dimension X 1951-08-30 Marionettes,Inc
Dimension X 50-04-15 With Folded Hands
Dimension X 1950-04-22 Report On Barnhouse Effect

*** Dragnet ***

Dragnet 49-09-17 Cop Killing
Dragnet 50-11-09 The Big Mother
Dragnet 49-11-24 Mother-In-Law Murder
Dragnet 49-06-17 The Werewolf
Dragnet 55-06-28 The Big Convertible
Dragnet 51-07-12 The Big Set-Up

*** Duffy's Tavern ***

Duffy's Tavern 49-05-25 Ed Wynn Narrates Archie's Opera
Duffy's Tavern 44-04-11 Carole Landis Talks About Women in the Work Force
Duffy's Tavern 44-09-22 Insurance Policy for Finnegan - Gene Tierney
Duffy's Tavern 43-12-07 Bing Crosby May Buy a Half Interest in the Bar
Duffy's Tavern 45-11-09 Eddie Quits
Duffy's Tavern 51-12-28 Hawaiian Vacation Slogan Contest
Duffy's Tavern 44-09-15 Rudy Vallee Does His Show from the Tavern
Duffy's Tavern 43-11-02 The Poker Game
Duffy's Tavern 43-01-05 Guest Milton Berle
Duffy's Tavern 50-02-16 Guest Shelley Winters
Duffy's Tavern 49-03-02 Guest Marlene Dietrich
Duffy's Tavern 44-12-22 Christmas Program with Monty Woolley
Duffy's Tavern 50-12-22 Charles Coburn Plays Santa Claus
Duffy's Tavern 45-12-21 The Cast Does 'A Christmas Carol'
Duffy's Tavern 47-01-22 Mrs Nussbaum and John J Anthony
Duffy's Tavern 44-03-07 Archie Gets Tax Advice from Colonel Stoopnagle
Duffy's Tavern 50-06-15 Fathers' Day
Duffy's Tavern 44-05-02 Archie Tries to Get a Girl for Dennis Day
Duffy's Tavern 45-09-28 Guest Deems Taylor
Duffy's Tavern 46-05-03 Archie talks About World Hunger
Duffy's Tavern 45-04-27 Fish and Fantasy - Guest John Garfield
Duffy's Tavern 45-04-06 Finnegan The Millionaire
Duffy's Tavern 49-03-16 Spike McGuirk, the Bully with Sheldon Leonard
Duffy's Tavern 44-04-25 Crosby and Hope (Bob Crosby & Delores Hope)
Duffy's Tavern 49-02-09 Archie Has Three Days to Live
Duffy's Tavern 45-03-16 Guest - Pat O'Brien
Duffy's Tavern 45-01-12 Archie's Adaptation of Frankenstein with Boris Karloff
Duffy's Tavern 44-02-22 Archie Invests in an Oil Well
Duffy's Tavern 44-01-04 Fred Allen

*** Eddie Cantor Show ***

Eddie Cantor Show 47-03-06 How Eddie and Al Jolson Got Started
Eddie Cantor Show 45-02-14 Guest Hoagy Carmichael
Eddie Cantor Show 49-01-07 Guest Al Jolson
Eddie Cantor Show 48-06-08 Guest Al Jolson
Eddie Cantor Show 47-11-06 Eddie Gets A Threatening Letter
Eddie Cantor 37-12-29 Guests Alice Faye, Tony Martin
The Eddie Cantor Show 47-11-27 Thanksgiving Program
Eddie Cantor Show 47-04-24 Guest Ken Clark
Eddie Cantor Show 48-05-06 Going After the Smith Vote
Eddie Cantor Show 48-01-08 Guest - Al Jolson
Eddie Cantor 41-12-17 Guest - Boris Karloff
Eddie Cantor 44-10-11 Guest - Martha Raye
Eddie Cantor Show 47-01-30 Guest Jack Benny
Eddie Cantor Show 46-09-26 Guests - Burns And Allen

*** Edward R Murrow ***

Edward R Murrow 45-04-15 A Report from London
Edward R. Murrow News 51-03-20 UN Troops Face Stiff Opposition

*** Elgin Holiday Specials ***

Elgin Holiday Specials 48-12-25 7th Annual Elgin Christmas Show
Elgin Holiday Specials 45-12-25 4th Annual Elgin Christmas Show
Elgin Holiday Specials 44-12-25 3rd Annual Elgin Christmas Show
Elgin Holiday Specials 48-11-25 7th Annual Elgin Thanksgiving Show
Elgin Holiday Specials 47-11-26 6th Annual Elgin Thanksgiving Show

*** Ellery Queen ***

Ellery Queen 43-10-02 The World Series Crime
Ellery Queen 43-03-27 The Circus Train
Ellery Queen 45-11-07 The Message in Red
Ellery Queen 47-09-07 Number Thirty One
Ellery Queen 45-08-01 Nick the Knife

*** Escape ***

Escape 48-03-07 Jimmy Goggles, the God
Escape 48-02-22 How Love Came to Professor Guildea
Escape 48-01-21 Papa Benjamin
Escape 47-10-01 The Most Dangerous Game
Escape 47-11-05 Evening Primrose
Escape 47-10-15 A Shipment of Mute Fate
Escape 48-07-04 A Tooth for Paul Revere
Escape 48-02-08 Snake Doctor
Escape 48-03-06 The Grove Of Ashtaroth
Escape 54-06-17 Blood Waters
Escape 47-11-19 Casting the Runes
Escape 48-09-05 Dream of Armageddon
Escape 51-07-18 Macao
Escape 50-06-30 Blood Bath
Escape 54-04-08 Scarlet Plague
Escape 47-10-29 Pollock And The Parrah Man
Escape 47-12-03 Taboo
Escape 47-10-22 The Fall of the House of Usher
Escape 51-08-30 The Man Who Stole The Bible
Escape 47-08-11 Ring Of Toth
Escape 48-02-15 Ancient Sorceries
Escape 53-09-13 The Abominable Snowman
Escape 48-01-14 Leiningen vs the Ants
Escape 51-12-07 Incident at Quito
ESCAPE 54-09-25 The Heart Of Kali

*** The Falcon ***

The Falcon 50-11-05 The Rich Racketeer
The Falcon 45-11-27 Murder Is A Family Affair

*** Family Theater ***

Family Theater 49-11-30 Rip Van Winkle
Family Theater 50-08-23 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

*** The Fat Man ***

The Fat Man 51-05-23 Order For Murder
Fat Man - 55-3-31 Murder Makes A Black Moon
The Fat Man 49-07-22 Murder is the Medium

*** Father Knows Best ***

Father Knows Best 53-01-29 Bud Dislikes Girls
Father Knows Best 51-07-05 Meaning of Freedoms
Father Knows Best 52-07-03 Vacation Arrives
Father Knows Best 52-10-30 Carnival in Town
Father Knows Best 51-02-15 Orchid for a Lady
Father Knows Best 53-10-29 Halloween Blues
Father Knows Best 52-09-18 Weekend Activity
Father Knows Best 52-10-16 Bud Quits School
Father Knows Best 51-06-14 Father's Day Picnic
Father Knows Best 50-06-15 Father's Day Trip
Father Knows Best 50-10-26 A Spooky Cemetery

*** Fibber McGee and Molly ***

Fibber McGee And Molly 47-05-13 Smuggled Irish Tweed
Fibber McGee And Molly 46-01-01 Tall Story Contest
Fibber McGee And Molly 36-08-24 Solving the Murder Mystery
Fibber McGee And Molly 39-02-07 Faulty Window Shade
Fibber McGee And Molly 44-02-15 Handwriting Analysis
Fibber McGee And Molly 39-10-17 Raking Leaves
Fibber McGee And Molly 49-04-12 Fibber Buys a Pipe
Fibber McGee And Molly 42-10-06 Otis Cadwallader
Fibber McGee And Molly 40-02-20 Fibber Has to Tell the Truth for an Hour
Fibber McGee And Molly 42-05-05 Sugar Substitute
Fibber McGee And Molly 40-01-09 Gone with the Wind
Fibber McGee And Molly 39-05-30 Escaped Convicts
Fibber McGee And Molly 40-02-06 Fibber's Birthday
Fibber McGee And Molly 40-06-18 Fibber Models a Dress
Fibber McGee And Molly 41-03-04 McGees Give a Party
Fibber McGee And Molly 41-03-25 Fibber Changes His Name To Ronald
Fibber McGee And Molly 45-03-20 Fixing the Radio Set
Fibber McGee and Molly 36-03-09 Beware Of Pick Pockets
Fibber McGee And Molly 42-04-07 Clean out Closet for Scrap Drive
Fibber McGee and Molly 39-02-14 Out Of Coal
Fibber McGee and Molly 37-12-06 Dinner Is Not Served
Fibber McGee And Molly 35-04-16 The Motorcycle Cop, the Judge and Fibber
Fibber McGee And Molly 37-11-22 Winning The Scandinavian Sweepstakes
Fibber McGee And Molly 52-12-30 The New Year's Dance
Fibber McGee And Molly 46-12-31 New Years Eve Party with Fred Waring
Fibber McGee And Molly 52-01-01 New Year's Day Visiting
Fibber McGee And Molly 43-12-28 A Fresh Start for New Years
Fibber McGee And Molly 48-12-28 New Year's Eve Dance
Fibber McGee And Molly 41-12-23 Christmas Presents
Fibber McGee And Molly 52-12-23 Doc's Surprise Party
Fibber McGee And Molly 46-12-24 Fixing Toys the Day Before Christmas
Fibber McGee And Molly 48-12-07 Christmas Shopping
Fibber McGee And Molly 40-12-10 Mailing Christmas Packages
Fibber McGee And Molly 43-12-21 Looking for a Christmas Tree
Fibber McGee And Molly 41-02-11 Fibber the Watch Salesman
Fibber McGee And Molly 45-01-30 Merchant Marines
Fibber McGee And Molly 46-11-05 60th Anniversary of Johnson's Wax
Fibber McGee And Molly 40-10-22 Fibber Finds Gildersleeve's Locked Diary
Fibber McGee And Molly 42-02-17 Fibber's Home Movie
Fibber McGee And Molly 41-04-08 Fibber Builds a Telescope
Fibber McGee And Molly 39-09-05 McGee's Fish Fry
Fibber McGee And Molly 45-02-13 Piano Tuner
Fibber McGee And Molly 42-04-21 Take Me out to the Ball Game
Fibber McGee And Molly 40-06-04 Spaghetti Dinner for Stag Party
Fibber McGee And Molly 49-02-15 Women Drivers
Fibber McGee And Molly 40-05-28 The Circus
Fibber McGee And Molly 40-05-14 Fight with Gildersleeve
Fibber McGee And Molly 39-03-21 The Spring Haircut
Fibber McGee And Molly 40-10-08 Fibber Quits Smoking
Fibber McGee And Molly 44-05-16 Uncle Sycamore's Pistol
Fibber McGee And Molly 51-02-13 Nasty Letter to Fred Nitney
Fibber McGee And Molly 50-02-14 Looking For Lost Tubes Of Radium
Fibber McGee And Molly 46-02-12 Fibber's New Suit
Fibber McGee And Molly 46-01-22 Pioneer Day
Fibber McGee and Molly 36-08-03 Captain Of The Ship
Fibber McGee And Molly 39-10-24 Halloween Party at Gildersleeve's House
Fibber McGee And Molly 43-02-23 Poker Game
Fibber McGee and Molly 37-08-02 Down On The Farm
Fibber McGee and Molly 35-07-15 A Dip In The Ocean
Fibber McGee And Molly 44-06-13 Putting up a Porch Swing
Fibber McGee And Molly 44-06-06 The Invasion of Europe
Fibber McGee and Molly 37-05-24 I Know Just The Spot For A Picnic
Fibber McGee And Molly 42-04-14 Spring Festival Parade
Fibber McGee And Molly 48-03-23 Molly's Easter Dress Creation
Fibber McGee And Molly 39-05-16 Zither Lessons and Buried Treasure
Fibber McGee And Molly 40-04-09 Coming Home After Doing Lux Theater
Fibber McGee and Molly 42-01-27 The Blizzard
Fibber McGee and Molly 42-02-10 Valentine Candy
Fibber McGee and Molly 43-03-02 Breakfast In Bed For Molly
Fibber McGee and Molly 44-12-19 Early Christmas Presents
Fibber McGee and Molly 41-12-16 Fibber Cuts His Own Tree
Fibber McGee and Molly 49-12-06 Making Christmas Cards
Fibber McGee And Molly 39-11-21 Overdue Library Book
Fibber McGee And Molly 48-10-26 Planting a Lawn Six Months Late
Fibber McGee And Molly 45-10-02 Welcoming Mayor La Trivia Home from the War
Fibber McGee and Molly 41-11-11 Edgar Bergen Charlie McCarthy
Fibber McGee and Molly 45-06-12 McGee The Magician
Fibber McGee And Molly 44-05-09 Alice Darling's New Boyfriend
Fibber McGee And Molly 41-10-21 Fall House Cleaning
Fibber McGee And Molly 40-10-01 Back from Vacation
Fibber McGee And Molly 41-04-15 Fibber Needs Glasses
Fibber McGee And Molly 43-10-12 Commission for Nitney's Daughter
Fibber McGee And Molly 43-12-07 The War Is Not Almost Over
Fibber McGee And Molly 52-04-15 All You Can Eat for One Dollar
Fibber McGee And Molly 41-04-0 Molly Loses Left-Rear Fender
Fibber McGee And Molly 39-03-07 McGee's Hamburger Joint
Fibber McGee And Molly 36-03-02 Encyclopedia Salesman
Fibber McGee And Molly 39 01 24 Missing Shirt Collar Button

*** The Fitch Bandwagon (Phil Harris-Alice Faye) ***

The Fitch Bandwagon 47-10-12 Phil Acquires Stock In His Sponsor
The Fitch Bandwagon 48-04-25 The Kids Come to See Daddy at Work
The Fitch Bandwagon 47-12-21 Annual Christmas Show

*** Fred Allen ***

Fred Allen Show 40-05-01 Information Tease
Fred Allen Show 47-06-08 Rochester Has His Own Radio Program
Fred Allen Show 46-02-24 Hillbilly Drama
Fred Allen Show 47-03-23 Suing Fred over Copyrights
Fred Allen - Texaco Star Theater 41-05-21 What's Wrong With Radio
Fred Allen Show 40-06-26 Us, The People Speak
Fred Allen - Texaco Star Theater 44-05-28 Portland Hoffa's Birthday
Fred Allen Show 47-06-15 Renting The Room
Fred Allen - Texaco Star Theater 43-05-23 What are you doing about National Poetry Week
Fred Allen Show 46-05-05 Breakfast Show
Fred Allen - Linit Bath Club Revue 32-12-25 Mammoth Department Store
Fred Allen Show 40-04-17 From Nipper To Nobody
Fred Allen Show 39-10-04 The Search for Dr Livingston
Fred Allen Show 40-06-05 Senator Allen's Dilemma
Fred Allen Show 46-04-28 Racing Form Trial
Fred Allen - Texaco Star Theater 40-12-04 Death Comes To The Mystery Story Writer
Fred Allen Show 40-05-22 The Curse of Ra
Fred Allen Show 40-04-10 The Crisis In The Central Park Zoo
Fred Allen Show 46-06-23 50th Anniversary of the Telephone Company
Fred Allen Show 43-04-04 Guest - Jimmy Durante
Fred Allen Show 40-3-28 Husband and Wife Radio Show
Fred Allen Show 48-04-25 Scalping Baseball Tickets
Fred Allen Show 40-02-14 The Visibility Was Poor, But The Pilot Could See His Finish
Fred Allen - Texaco Star Theater 41-06-18 No Blood and No Sand
Fred Allen - Texaco Star Theater 41-01-22 They Almost Junked the Junket
Fred Allen Show 46-03-03 Chicken Surplus - Orson Welles
Fred Allen Show 44-01-09 Fred Gets Hit on the Head by a Beer Barrel
Fred Allen Show 46-01-06 Take It or Leave It
Fred Allen Show 45-11-04 Lost Memory
Fred Allen Show 45-10-21 Hillbilly skit with Frank Sinatra
Fred Allen Show 40-01-31 Mountain Justice
Fred Allen Show 40-06-19 Jack Benny Interview
Fred Allen Show 45-11-11 Mr. Mob Buster
Fred Allen Show 46-05-26 King for a Day
Fred Allen Show 46-05-19 Fred Makes Phil Harris an Offer
Fred Allen Show 46-05-12 Cairo - Sydney Greenstreet
Fred Allen 47-10-19 The Perfect Crime
Fred Allen Show 40-02-28 Life at the South Pole
Fred Allen Texaco Star Theater 41-02-19 Lindy Lindemann, Restauranteur
Fred Allen - Texaco Star Theater 44-03-12 How are you doing with your income tax
Fred Allen - Texaco Star Theater 41-06-11 The Saga of the Great American Drugstore
Fred Allen Show 40-05-29 Death Takes A Pretzel Baron
Fred Allen Show 49-01-23 Traveling Salesman
Fred Allen - Texaco Star Theater 41-02-12 Chief Nee Da Beh, Indian Guide
The Fred Allen Show 46-01-20 A Movie on Fred Allens Life
The Fred Allen Show 45-12-30 Radio Shows in Russia - Duke Ellington
Fred Allen - Texaco Star Theater 41-01-01 Amateur of the Month
Fred Allen - Town Hall Tonight 1937-12-22 Santa Will Not Ride Tonight - Jack Benny
Fred Allen - Texaco Star Theater 40-12-25 Otto Hottendorf
Fred Allen - Town Hall Tonight 36-10-21 Murder At Cupcake County
Fred Allen Show 48-11-28 George Jessel Tries to Get in the Roxy Theater
Fred Allen Show 45-11-25 Brooklyn Pinafore
Fred Allen - Texaco Star Theater 1942-06-28 Judy Canova
Fred Allen - Texaco Star Theater 41-02-26 Western Union
The Fred Allen Show 1939-12-27 Dr. Allen Clinic
Fred Allen Show 1941-05-07 Jack Bennys' 10th Anniversary
Fred Allen Show 40-04-03 The Laziest Man In The World
Fred Allen 1941-03-26 The Wedlock Society
Fred Allen 41-03-19 Nicotine Alley
Fred Allen 48-05-23 Bing Crosby - The Life of Bing Crosby
Fred Allen - Town Hall Tonight 1936-12-30 Guest Stuart Canin
Fred Allen 41-03-05 Little Red Riding Hood
Fred Allen - Linit Bath Club Revue 33-01-22 The Court of Judge Allen
Fred Allen Show 45-10-28 Charlie Mccarthy Sues Fred for Slander
Fred Allen 1940-03-27 Guest T Hee - Who Killed Mack Borden
Fred Allen - Texaco Star Theater 42-11-15 Guest Gracie Fields
Fred Allen 1940-03-20 An eagle escapes into the audience
Fred Allen 49-06-26 Henry Morgan, Mr. X
Fred Allen - Texaco Star Theater 42-10-18 Orson Welles - Les Miserables
Fred Allen Show 48 05 23 Fred Wants To Do Bings Life Story
Fred Allen - Town Hall Tonight 37-03-17 St Patrick's Day Show
Fred Allen - Texaco Star Theater 42-05-24 Vaudeville
Town Hall Tonight 1937-03-10-Murder On The High Seas
Fred Allen - Texaco Star Theater 42-12-06 Allen's Alley Begins
Fred Allen - Texaco Star Theater 43-05-16 Are You Raising Chickens

*** The Great Gildersleeve ***

The Great Gildersleeve 44-09-10 Water Commissioner Is Fired - Rain Maker
Great Gildersleeve 41-11-16 Serviceman For Thanksgiving
The Great Gildersleeve 41-11-30 The Canary Wont Sing
The Great Gildersleeve 42-02-01 Leroy Runs Away
The Great Gildersleeve 41-12-14 Selling the Iron Deer
The Great Gildersleeve 42-06-14 Gildy Produces a Play
The Great Gildersleeve 44-06-18 Eves Mother Stays On
The Great Gildersleeve 44-06-11 Dinner for Eve's Mother
The Great Gildersleeve 44-06-04 Eve's Mother Visits
The Great Gildersleeve 41-11-23 Leroy Smokes a Cigar
The Great Gildersleeve 43-01-31 Fire Engine Committee
Great Gildersleeve 42-01-25 Matchmaker
Great Gildersleeve 50-12-27 Gildy and Bullard Double Date New Year's Eve
Great Gildersleeve 48-12-29 A Wedding Is Imminent
Great Gildersleeve 45-12-23 Christmas Eve at Home
Great Gildersleeve 44-12-24 Twas the Night Before Christmas
Great Gildersleeve 53-12-02 Earning Christmas Money
Great Gildersleeve 47-12-24 Leroy's Christmas Dog
Great Gildersleeve 47-12-10 Christmas Shopping
Great Gildersleeve 48-12-08 Disappearing Christmas Presents
Great Gildersleeve 48-12-01 Leroy's Holiday Job
Great Gildersleeve 48-12-15 Christmas Shopping
Great Gildersleeve 47-11-26 Thanksgiving - Tom Sawyer Raft
Great Gildersleeve 44-01-09 Gildy in Hospital
Great Gildersleeve 42-10-11 First Cold Snap
Great Gildersleeve 42-10-04 Planting a Tree
Great Gildersleeve 42-09-06 Golf Tournament
Great Gildersleeve 43-04-25 Rabbits
Great Gildersleeve 53-02-11 Two Dates for Mayor's Valentine Party
Great Gildersleeve 54-01-13 Gildy in the Doghouse with Irene
Great Gildersleeve 46-01-13 Ben Sells Life Insurance
Great Gildersleeve 45-12-30 New Year's Eve at Home
Great Gildersleeve 47-12-31 New Year's Eve Parties
Great Gildersleeve 46-12-25 Christmas Caroling at Gildersleeve's
The Great Gildersleeve 45-11-25 The Football Game
The Great Gildersleeve 51-11-21 Thanksgiving with Mikey
Great Gildersleeve 46-06-09 Flashback - Jolly Boys 4th of July Picnic
Great Gildersleeve 42-05-10 Mystery Voice
Great Gildersleeve 44-06-04 Eve's Mother Visits
The Great Gildersleeve 52-04-09 Easter Sunrise Service
Great Gildersleeve 42-03-22 Gildy's New Neighbors
The Great Gildersleeve 51-02-14 Throwing Snowballs
The Great Gildersleeve 47-01-01 New Years Costume Ball
The Great Gildersleeve 42-11-22 Thanksgiving B Ration Book
Great Gildersleeve 1942-08-30 Fishing Trip
Great Gildersleeve 45-09-02 Labor Day at Grass Lake
Great Gildersleeve 44-05-14 Gildy Engaged to Eve, but Kisses Leila
Great Gildersleeve 53-07-01 Togetherness
Great Gildersleeve 41-12-07 Cousin Octavia Visits - War News
Great Gildersleeve 43-05-30 Memorial Day Parade
Great Gildersleeve 41-09-07 The Cake
Great Gildersleeve 41 08 31 Arrives At Summerfield

*** The Green Hornet ***

Green Hornet 42-09-26 Last Words Mean Sabotage
Green Hornet 44-07-04 The Make-Believe Sheriff
Green Hornet 42-11-28 Torpedo on Wheels
Green Hornet 48-05-18 The Travis Case
Green Hornet 42-05-23 Invasion Plans for Victory
Green Hornet 39-05-30 The Ghost Who Talked Too Much
Green Hornet 39-11-25 The Smuggler Signs His Name
Green Hornet 38-05-05 The Political Racket
Green Hornet 46-08-31 Death in the Dark
Green Hornet 39-06-13 Not One Cent For Tribute
Green Hornet 42-5-23 A slip of the lip
Green Hornet 39-06-08 Trouble Hits The Trolleys
Green Hornet 39-07-04 Put It On Ice

*** Hall of Fantasy ***

Hall of Fantasy 53-06-29 The Temple of Huizilipochle
Hall of Fantasy 53-07-06 The Man in Black
Hall of Fantasy 53-06-15 The Jewels of Kali
Hall of Fantasy 47-02-13 The Perfect Script
Hall of Fantasy 53-06-22 The Marquise of Death
Hall of Fantasy 52-09-05 The Shadow People
Hall of Fantasy 53-07-27 The Automaton
Hall of Fantasy 47-04-10 Man Size in Marble
Hall of Fantasy 53-05-25 The Twisting Weeds of Death
Hall of Fantasy 53-08-31 Diamonds of Death
Hall of Fantasy 53-08-03 The Golden Bracelet of Amon-iris
Hall of Fantasy 53-05-04 Idol of Cromm Cruac
Hall of Fantasy 47-04-03 The Judge's House
Hall of Fantasy 53-02-09 The Dance of the Devil Dolls
Hall of Fantasy 53-04-13 Demon of the Night
Hall of Fantasy 53-05-11 Spectre of Denston Castle
The Hall Of Fantasy 53-11-16 The Crawling Thing
Hall of Fantasy 50-03-18 The Beast with Red Eyes
Hall of Fantasy 53-03-09 The Masks of Ashor
Hall of Fantasy 54-03-08 The Hand of Botar
Hall of Fantasy 53-07-20 The Treasure of Kublai Khan
Hall of Fantasy 50-03-11 He Who Follows Me
Hall Of Fantasy 53-01-26 Black Figurine Of Death
Hall Of Fantasy 53 03 23 ( 18) The Night The Fog Came

*** Hallmark Playhouse ***

Hallmark Playhouse 51-05-10 A Man's Mother
Hallmark Playhouse 48-12-30 Lost Horizon
Hallmark Playhouse 50-01-19 Around the World in 80 Days

*** Harold Peary Show ***

Harold Peary Show 51-02-14 Mistaken Valentines
Harold Peary Show 50-11-22 Thanksgiving Play
The Harold Peary Show 50-12-20 Childrens Christmas Party
Harold Peary Show 51-01-10 Harold Loses His Sponsor and Tries a New Show
Harold Peary 50-08-23 Honest Harold, The Home Maker - Audition Show

*** The Haunting Hour ***

Haunting Hour 45-04-21 A Corpse There Was
Haunting Hour 45-10-20 The Devil's Deep
Haunting Hour 45-03-31 Birds of Death
Haunting Hour 45-09-15 Nocturne
Haunting Hour 45-06-14 Case of the Lonesome Corpse
Haunting Hour 49-05-23 Assignment Death
Haunting Hour 45-08-18 People in the House
Haunting Hour 45-06-30 Homicide House
The Haunting Hour 45-04-07 The Old Old Men
Haunting Hour 45-09-01 No Escape

*** Have Gun, Will Travel ***

Have Gun, Will Travel 59-02-08 Killer's Widow
Have Gun, Will Travel 59-02-01 A Matter of Ethics
Have Gun, Will Travel 58-11-23 Strange Vendetta
Have Gun, Will Travel 58-12-21 Hanging Cross
Have Gun, Will Travel 59-03-29 A Sense of Justice
Have Gun, Will Travel 59-06-14 Bitter Wine
Have Gun, Will Travel 59-03-08 The Monster on Moonridge

*** Henry Morgan Show ***

The Henry Morgan Show 47-05-28 Morgan's Vacation
The Henry Morgan Show 49-12-30 New Years Eve Show
The Henry Morgan Show 47-12-24 Morgan's Christmas
The Henry Morgan Show 47-01-01 New Years Show
Henry Morgan Show 46-09-02 First Show

*** Hercule Poirot ***

Hercule Poirot 45-11-30 The Bride Wore Fright
Hercule Poirot 45-11-16 The Trail Led To Death
Hercule Poirot 45-05-03 Murder Wears A Mask
Hercule Poirot 45-07-19 The Deadest Man In World
Hercule Poirot 45-05-17 Death In The Golden Gate
Hercule Poirot - 45-11-23 - Murder is a Private Affair
Hercule Poirot - 1945-07-12 - Rendevous with Death
Hercule Poirot - 1945-09-13 - Money Mad Ghoul
Hercule Poirot 1945 02 22 The Careless Victim

*** High Adventure ***

High Adventure 69-07-26 Keeper of the Tomb
High Adventure 69-08-09 Arctic Treasure

*** Hollywood is on the Air ***

Hollywood is on the Air 1939 The Wizard of Oz Preview
Hollywood is on the Air 1940 Marx Brothers Go West
Hollywood is on the Air 40-12-17 Love Thy Neighbor Preview

*** Hollywood Mystery Time ***

Hollywood Mystery Time 45-08-19 Murder By Coincidence
Hollywood Mystery Time 45-05-20 Glowing Eyes

*** House Of Mystery ***

The House Of Mystery 45-10-27 The Ghost Who Forgot Halloween
The House of Mystery 47-08-03 A Gift from the Dead

 *** I Love Adventure ***

I Love Adventure 48-05-02 The Great Airmail Robbery
I Love Adventure 48-04-25 The China Coast Incident

*** Inner Sanctum ***

Inner Sanctum Mysteries 42-9-20 The Dead Walk At Night
Inner Sanctum Mysteries 46-02-05 Skeleton Bay
Inner Sanctum 43-03-07 The Black Sea Gull
Inner Sanctum 45-12-18 The Undead
Inner Sanctum 52-08-24 No Rest for the Dead
Inner Sanctum Mysteries 45-05-15 The Black Art
Inner Sanctum 48-08-09 House of Doom
Inner Sanctum 45-01-23 Death Is An Artist
Inner Sanctum 44-04-22 Melody Of Death
Inner Sanctum 45-08-28 Dead Man's Deal
Inner Sanctum 45-10-02 The Shadow of Death
Inner Sanctum 45-11-06 The Wailing Wall With Boris Karloff
Inner Sanctum 49-10-31 Corpse for Halloween
Inner Sanctum 45-06-19 Dead Mans Holiday
Inner Sanctum 45-10-23 Corridor Of Doom - Boris Karloff
Inner Sanctum 52-08-31 Strange Passenger
Inner Sanctum 48-07-05 Death Demon
Inner Sanctum 44-04-15 The Skull That Walked
Inner Sanctum 52-06-22 Birdsong for a Murderer
Inner Sanctum - 8 Steps To Murder 6-4-46
Inner Sanctum 1942-05-03 Study For Murder
Inner Sanctum 41-08-03 The Tell Tale Heart
Inner Sanctum 41 01 07 Amazing Death Of Mrs Putnam
Inner Sanctum 44-06-10 Death is a Joker

*** Jack Benny ***

Jack Benny Program 44-02-06 From Terminal Island
Jack Benny Program 39-04-16 Phil Shoots the Movie 'Man About Town' Behind Jack's Back
Jack Benny Program 36-04-12 Ah Wilderness
Jack Benny Program 44-01-16 From Camp El Toro, California
Jack Benny Program 41-01-05 Christmas Gift Exchange
Jack Benny Program 44-12-24 Trimming the Christmas Tree
Jack Benny Program 40-12-22 Christmas Shopping
Jack Benny Program 44-12-17 Jack Meets Frank Sinatra in a Drug Store
Jack Benny Program 41-11-23 Thanksgiving Day Dinner
Jack Benny Program 44-04-16 Bob Hope Parody
Jack Benny Program 44-10-22 Captain O'Benny
Jack Benny Program 38-03-27 Harry Von Zell Subs for Don Wilson
Jack Benny Program 43-03-21 Host Orson Welles - Takes Cast to His Movie Lot
Jack Benny Program 43-04-11 Jack Returns After Illness
Jack Benny Program 37-10-10 Starring Jack What's-His-Name
Jack Benny Program 44-06-04 Final Grape Nuts Flakes Sponsored Show
Jack Benny Program 40-06-02 Hillbilly Feud
Jack Benny Program 42-11-01 Jack and Phil Go Target Shooting
Jack Benny Program 47-05-25 Allen's Alley
Jack Benny Program 39-01-15 Jack's Screen Guild Theater Performance
Jack Benny Program 43-03-07 Host George Burns and Gracie Allen
Jack Benny Program 38-11-06 The Crowd Roars
Jack Benny Program 37-10-24 Jack Buys the Maxwell
Jack Benny Program 38-05-01 Beverly Hills Home Under Construction
Jack Benny Program 51-11-25 Jack and Mary See 'Golden Girl' with Dennis' Mother
Jack Benny Program 40-01-07 Golden Boy
Jack Benny Program 45-11-11 Joe Louis Acts as Jack's Bodyguard
Jack Benny Program 48-04-25 Jack Dresses As Charlie's Aunt
Jack Benny Program 39-04-02 April Fool's Gags
Jack Benny Program 50-04-30 Look Magazine Story
Jack Benny Program 49-04-17 The Easter Parade
Jack Benny Program 42-11-15 Guest Dorothy Lamour
Jack Benny Program 46-10-13 Jack and Mary Walk to the Studio
Jack Benny Program 38-06-19 Back Home in Indiana
Jack Benny Program 46-04-07 Weekend at the Acme Plaza
Jack Benny Program 51-01-28 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr
Jack Benny Program 55-02-13 Surprise Party for Jack
Jack Benny Program 41-02-16 Surprise Birthday Party
Jack Benny Program 36-12-06 Money Ain't Everything
Jack Benny Program 48-02-15 Jack's Surprise Birthday Party
Jack Benny Program 39-11-12 Jack Has a Toothache
Jack Benny Program 39-02-05 Jack Challenges Fred Allen to a Boxing Match
Jack Benny Program 43-01-03 Bear Hunting
Jack Benny Program 44-01-02 Annual New Year's show
Jack Benny Program 47-01-12 Gracie Wants to Listen to Jack on the Radio
Jack Benny Program 49-09-25 Bergen and McCarthy, Amos and Andy, Red Skelton
Jack Benny Program 41-10-19 Returning to Hollywood
Jack Benny Program 40-06-16 Father's Day
Jack Benny Program 40-11-03 Jack's Halloween Party
Jack Benny Program 38-10-30 Jack Throws a Halloween Party
Jack Benny Program 44-10-29 Allen's Alley
Jack Benny Program 55-01-09 The Elephant's Graveyard Mystery
Jack Benny Program 37-11-21 Lost Horizon
Jack Benny Program 55-04-24 Renting the Maxwell to a Movie Studio
Jack Benny Program 38-04-24 Show White and the Seven Gangsters
Jack Benny Program 48-10-17 Sorry, Wrong Number
Jack Benny Program 40-05-05 Clown Hall Tonight
Jack Benny Program 40-04-28 Buck Benny at the Paramount Theater
Jack Benny Program 38-04-10 A Yank at Oxford
Jack Benny Program 40-04-21 In New York Preparing For The Premier Of Buck Benny Rides Again
Jack Benny Program 43-02-14 From Toronto, Canada
Jack Benny Program 37-05-02 Buck Benny Party
Jack Benny Program 36-03-29 Cinderallen
Jack Benny Program 39-10-15 Dennis' Mother Interferes with the Show
Jack Benny Program 43-10-31 Jack Pretends he is going to Brazil
Jack Benny Program 41-05-25 The Life of Philbert Harris
Jack Benny Program 46-02-17 Rochester Lost at Sea
Jack Benny Program 54-09-26 Show Not Being Broadcast
Jack Benny Program 47-02-16 Jack's Birthday Party with Isaac Stern
Jack Benny Program 50-03-12 Sagebrush Soap Contest
Jack Benny Program 47-11-09 Phony Party Invitation
Jack Benny Program 40-01-28 Murder on the Bay Bridge
Jack Benny Program 46-05-19 Guest Fred Allen
Jack Benny Program 44-02-20 Guest Groucho Marx
Jack Benny Program 40-02-25 Trip to Yosemite Part 4
Jack Benny Program 44-02-13 From March Field
Jack Benny Program 54-02-14 Jack's 39th Birthday - Again
Jack Benny Program 42-02-15 Jack goes to the Movies for his Birthday
Jack Benny Program 39-02-12 Jack's birthday present - Love Finds Annie Hardy
Jack Benny Program 45-12-02 Can't Stand Jack Benny Contest
Jack Benny Program 36-10-25 Romeo and Juliet Preview
Jack Benny Program 50-01-15 How Jack and Fred Allen Met
Jack Benny Program 52-01-20 George Burns Sings Jack's Song
Jack Benny Program 37-02-21 Buck Benny Rides Again Twelve
Jack Benny Program 37-11-07 Another Chapter in Life of Buck Benny
Jack Benny Program 44-12-31 Jack Resolves to Be Friends with Fred Allen
Jack Benny Program 42-01-04 New Year's Eve Party at the Biltmore Bowl
Jack Benny Program 39-01-01 Goodbye 1938, Hello 1939
Jack Benny Program 39-12-31 No Date for New Year's Eve
Jack Benny Program 40-12-29 Father Time Rides Again
Jack Benny Program 44-11-26 How Jack And The Gang Spent Thanksgiving
Jack Benny Program 50-11-26 Jack Tries To Buy Football Game Tickets
Jack Benny Program 52-11-30 Thanksgiving Pilgrims
Jack Benny Program 37-11-28 Jack Cooked The Turkey
Jack Benny Show 47-11-30 Turkey Trial Dream
Jack Benny Program 37-01-17 Buck Benny in Ensenada, Mexico
Jack Benny Program 39-10-29 The Halloween Masquerade Party
Jack Benny Program 47-01-05 Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall
Jack Benny Program 36-10-04 Phil Harris's first show
Jack Benny Program 41-03-09 Murder at the Racquet Club
Jack Benny Program 40-03-03 Gracie Allen for President
Jack Benny Program 50-05-21 Jack Gets a Haircut For the Sponsor
Jack Benny Program 50-05-14 Mother's Day Gags
Jack Benny Program 39-04-30 Seventh Anniversary Show
Jack Benny Program 38-04-17 At the Circus - Easter Show
Jack Benny Program 43-04-25 Rochester's Horse Is in the Kentucky Derby
Jack Benny Program 39-05-07 The Kentucky derby
Jack Benny 38-03-06 Don Wilson's Fifteenth Anniversary In Radio
Jack Benny Program 38-01-23 Scoop Benny, Ace Reporter
Jack Benny Program 42-03-15 Jack Talks About Lending Fred Allen Ten Dollars
Jack Benny Program 42-02-08 Jack Is Upset Because Fred Allen Has Moved to Sundays
Jack Benny Program 50-04-02 From Palm Springs with Al Jolson
Jack Benny Program 41-02-09 The Sponsor Likes Herbert Marshall
Jack Benny Program 39-10-08 Dennis Day's First Show
Jack Benny Program 42-02-15 How Jack Spent His Birthday
Jack Benny Program 49-02-13 Jack's Birthday is Tomorrow
Jack Benny Show 38-02-13 Robert Taylor Plays Cello
The Jack Benny Show 37-02-14 Jack's Birthday
The Jack Benny Show 37-12-19 Little Red Riding Hood
Jack Benny Program 42-12-27 New Years Eve Skit
Jack Benny Program 43-12-26 Christmas at Jack's House
Jack Benny Show 36-12-20 An Old Fashioned Christmas
Jack Benny Program 41-11-30 Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde Part One
Jack Benny 43-11-21 Jack Dreams He Is A Turkey
Jack Benny 39-11-19 Jack Buys An Ostrich For Thanksgiving
Jack Benny Show 39-11-26 Duck Hunting
Jack Benny Program 46-03-24 I Stand Condemned - Peter Lorre
Jack Benny Program 37-10-31 The Devine Farm
Jack Benny Program 48-10-31 Jack Goes Trick or Treating
Jack Benny Program 41-11-02 Halloween Celebration
Jack Benny Program 45-04-01 How Jack Found Phil
Jack Benny Program 39-03-26 Guest Ed Sullivan
Jack Benny - 1949-03-06 A Day At The Races
Jack Benny Program 51-04-01 Jack Leaves for New York to Do a TV Show
Jack Benny 1940-11-17 Jack Waits to See a Movie Director
Jack Benny Program 40-11-10 Dog Catcher of Beverly Hills
Jack Benny Program 42-05-24 Phil Becomes a Father
Jack Benny Program 41-03-30 Jack's Garden
Jack Benny 1939-01-22 Jack Tells How He Saved Fred Allen's Life
Jack Benny - 1949-02-27 Jack Has A Music Lesson
Jack Benny 49-02-20 The Horn Blows at Midnight
Jack Benny 1939-06-18 Father's Day
Jack Benny Program 36-04-05 Clown Hall Tonight
Jack Benny 1939-03-19 Jack Has A Cold
Jack Benny Program 38-05-08 Mothers Day Show
Jack Benny 1937-04-25 In The Spring Tra-La
Jack Benny - 1937-04-18 Lady Milicent's Husband
Jack Benny Program 37-04-11 Guests Burns and Allen
Jack Benny - 1937-04-04 Back From New York
Jack Benny Program 53-04-05 Easter Parade
Jack Benny - 1937-03-28 The Train Porter
Jack Benny Program 37-03-21 From New York
Jack Benny - 1937-03-14 From The Hotel Pierre
Jack Benny - 1937-03-07 Fight Of The Century
Jack Benny Program 37 01 10 Buck Benny Rides Again Ten
Jack Benny 1937 02 28 Jacks Violin Is Returned

*** Jimmy Durante Show ***

The Jimmy Durante Show 48-04-21 Guests Lou Clayton and Eddie Jackson
Jimmy Durante Show 48-04-14 President Harry Truman
Jimmy Durante Show 48-12-24 Guest Rose Marie
The Jimmy Durante Show 47-12-24 Margaret O'Brien
The Jimmy Durante Show 47-11-26 Victor Moore - Turkey Raffle
The Jimmy Durante Show 47-11-12 Guest - Dorothy Lamour
Jimmy Durante Show 48-04-28 Women In Industry With Lucille Ball
Jimmy Durante Show 47-12-10 with Boris Karloff As Happy Sam The Record Man
Jimmy Durante Show 48-02-11 Jimmys Birthday Party
The Jimmy Durante Show 47-10-22 Guest - Victor Moore
The Jimmy Durante Show 47-11-05 Guest - Bing Crosby
Jimmy Durante Show 47-10-08 Eddie Cantor
Jimmy Durante Show 48-01-07 The Road To Pismo Beach With Bob Hope
The Jimmy Durante Show 48-02-25 Goes To The Race Track

*** Judy Canova Show ***

The Judy Canova Show 46-10-19 Judy at the Radio Audition
The Judy Canova Show 48-07-05 Judy, the Songwriter
The Judy Canova Show 43-08-24 A Date with Mickey Rooney
The Judy Canova Show 44-03-21 Trip to the Hollywood Canteen
The Judy Canova Show 45-12-01 Judy in New York
The Judy Canova Show 46-02-09 Valentines Flashback to Cactus Junction
The Judy Canova Show 46-12-21 A Quiet Christmas Party
The Judy Canova Show 48-01-17 Guest Eddie Cantor
The Judy Canova Show 47-09-20 American Life Magazines Story on Judy
The Judy Canova Show 46-02-02 The Genealogy Society
The Judy Canova Show 46-08-31 Just Back from Cactus Junction

*** Lady Esther Presents The Screen Guild Players ***

Lady Esther Screen Guild Theatre 45-08-13 Gildersleeve's Bad Day
The Lady Esther Screen Guild Theater 43-09-20 The Maltese Falcon
The Lady Esther Screen Guild Theater 46-12-23 Snow White - Charlie McCarthy
The Lady Esther Screen Guild Theatre 47-02-10 Heavenly Days
Lady Esther Presents the Screen Guild Players 43-02-15 They Got Me Covered
Lady Esther Presents The Screen Guild Players 43-04-26 Casablanca

*** The Life of Riley ***

Life Of Riley 44-04-02 Riley's Birthday - Thinks Baxter Is Giving Party
Life of Riley 44-11-05 Piano Lessons for Junior
Life of Riley 43-07-25 Riley Wants to Build a House
Life of Riley 48-05-08 Riley's Mother's Day Gift Is Explained
Life of Riley 46-05-11 Junior Forgets Mother's Day
Life of Riley 44-10-29 Halloween Haunted House
Life of Riley 50-06-16 Two TVs for Father's Day
Life of Riley 48-06-19 Father's Day Bathrobes
Life of Riley 46-06-15 A New Suit for Father's Day
Life of Riley 47-11-29 Thanksgiving with the Gillises
The Life Of Riley 48-05-01 Baseball Uniform
Life Of Riley 47-12-20 Rileys' First Christmas
Life Of Riley 44-11-19 Turkey Hunt
Life of Riley 44-09-24 Making Each Other Jealous
Life of Riley 50-01-27 Junior is in Love
Life of Riley 47-05-10 Model Son, the Mother's Day Speech
The Life of Riley 48-03-27 The Giant Easter Bunny - Fertilizer

*** Life with Luigi ***

Life With Luigi 51-11-20 The Thanksgiving Dinner
Life With Luigi 49-11-22 Thanksgiving Celebration
Life with Luigi 49-07-03 July 4th Parade 

*** Lights Out ***

Lights Out 43-02-09 He Dug It Up
Lights Out 45-07-19 Special to Hollywood
Lights Out 43-07-20 Profits Unlimited
Lights Out 42-10-13 Revolt Of The Worms
Lights Out 43-09-28 The Author and the Thing
Lights Out 1938-03-23 The Dream
Lights Out 47-07-16 Death Robbery
Lights Out 42-12-15 Knock at the Door
Lights Out - The Meteor Man 12-22-1942

*** Lum and Abner ***

The Lum And Abner Show 48-11-21 Thanksgiving Dinner With Lum
Lum and Abner 45-07-04 4th of July Picnic
Lum and Abner 38-02-28 Pine Ridge Moving Picture Co

*** Lux Radio Theater ***

Lux Radio Theater 43-05-03 The Navy Comes Through
Lux Radio Theater 45-01-15 The Master Race
Lux Radio Theater 47-03-10 It's a Wonderful Life
Lux Radio Theater 46-10-14 To Have and Have Not
Lux Radio Theater 41-10-13 Buck Privates
Lux Radio Theater 44-01-24 Casablanca
Lux Radio Theater 55-02-08 War of the Worlds
Lux Radio Theater 50-05-08 Life of Riley
Lux Radio Theater 37-02-15 Brewster's Millions
Lux Radio Theatre 48-12-20 Miracle On 34th Street
Lux Radio Theater 40-04-08 Mama Loves Papa
Lux Radio Theater 43-09-13 The Phantom of the Opera
Lux Radio Theater 51-12-24 Alice in Wonderland
Lux Radio Theater 38-12-26 Snow White
Lux Radio Theater 45-06-11 Murder My Sweet
Lux Radio Theater 52-12-15 African Queen - Humphrey Bogart Greer Garson
Lux Radio Theater 53-12-21 Peter Pan
Lux Radio Theater 48-03-08 Spellbound
Lux Radio Theater 50-12-25 The Wizard of Oz
Lux Radio Theater 39-06-19 The Ex-Mrs Bradford
Lux Radio Theater 45-01-08 I Never Left Home
Lux Radio Theater 39-12-25 Pinocchio
Lux Radio Theater 43-02-08 The Maltese Falcon
Lux Radio Theater 43-04-05 The Road to Morocco
Lux Radio Theater 40-06-17 After the Thin Man
Lux Radio Theater 36-06-08 The Thin Man

*** Man Called X ***

Man Called X 48-09-05 Worth Her Weight In Gold
The Man Called X 47-10-16 Timber Country
The Man Called X 48-08-22 Burma Peninsula
The Man Called X 52-01-08 Flying Trip to Nowhere
The Man Called X 51-01-20 Japanese Underground
The Man Called X 48-08-08 Mekong River Dam
The Man Called X 48-01-18 Ranee of Shalakar
The Man Called X 51-01-27 Orient Express
The Man Called X 48-01-11 Spirit of the Snows
The Man Called X 47-06-26 Rembrandt in Rio
The Man Called X 48-03-21 One Sailor Died Twice
The Man Called X 47-09-18 The Throne Of Tayneen
The Man Called X 47-06-19 The Silver Scarab
The Man Called X 47-07-24 Destination Manila
The Man Called X 48-01-04 Spot the Eight Ball
The Man Called X 48-02-29 Storm over the Alps
The Man Called X 47-11-02 Ashes to Ashes
The Man Called X 47-09-18 The Throne Of Tayneen
The Man Called X 47-08-21 The Lost Ones
A Man Called X 51-04-21 Race Against Death
The Man Called X 47-11-23 Report from the Arctic
The Man Called X 48-02-22 Operation Silver
The Man Called X 48-03-14 The Pickled Chemist
The Man Called X 50-10-27 Journey to Xenephon
The Man Called X 50-12-30 Rhythm of Death
The Man Called X 48-02-01 One Way to Macassar
Man Called X 48-08-15 In New York
The Man Called X 51-01-13 Five Ounces Of Treason
A Man Called X 1952-02-26 A Ton of Dynamite
Man Called X 1951-06-22 Vienna

*** Martin & Lewis Show ***

Martin and Lewis Show 49-12-19 Christmas Show
Martin & Lewis Show 49-04-03 Lucille Ball
Martin & Lewis Show 51-10-12 George Raft
Martin & Lewis Show 51-11-09 Danny Thomas
Martin & Lewis Show 51-10-19 Bing Crosby
Martin & Lewis Show 49-05-17 Guest Arthur Treacher
Martin & Lewis Show 49-05-12 Burl Ives
Martin & Lewis Show 49-08-16 Victor Moore
Martin and Lewis Show 49-03-24 Guest - Bob Hope
Martin and Lewis Show 51-12-28 Dale Evans
Martin & Lewis Show 49-06-28 John Carradine
Martin and Lewis Show 49-05-08 Peter Lorrie
Martin & Lewis Show 49-10-21 Guest George Jessel
Martin & Lewis Show 49-11-28 Violating Child Labor Laws

*** The Mel Blanc Show ***

The Mel Blanc Show 47-02-11 Mel's Birthday
The Mel Blanc Show 46-09-24 Mel Tries to Fix a Water Heater
The Mel Blanc Show 47-04-08 Easter Egg Hunt
The Mel Blanc Show 46-11-26 Thanksgiving Party
The Mel Blanc Show 47-04-01 April Fools

*** Mercury Theatre On The Air ***

Mercury Theater On The Air 38-09-25 The Immortal Sherlock Holmes
Mercury Theatre On The Air 38-10-30 War Of The Worlds
Mercury Theatre 38-07-11 Dracula

*** Michael Shayne ***

Michael Shayne 48-07-29 Case Of The Blood Stained Pearls
Michael Shayne 46-11-12 The Case Of The Poisoned Fan
Michael Shayne 48-11-06 Case of the Bayou Monster
Michael Shayne 48-10-30 Case of the Popular Corpse

*** Mickey Mouse Theater of the Air ***

Mickey Mouse Theater of the Air 38-02-27 Cinderella
Mickey Mouse Theater of the Air 38-01-09 Snow White

*** Milton Berle ***

Milton Berle Show 48-03-23 Salutes the Coming of Spring
Milton Berle Show 47-12-30 Salutes the New Year
Milton Berle Show 47-12-23 Salutes Christmas
Milton Berle Show 47-09-16 Salute to Radio
Milton Berle Show 49-04-20 Salute to Baseball
Milton Berle Show 47-11-25 Salute To Thanksgiving
Milton Berle 47-11-04 Salute To Football

*** Molle Mystery Theater ***

Molle Mystery Theater 45-10-26 Ghost with the Gun
Molle Mystery Theater 45-06-05 The Beckoning Fair One
Molle Mystery Theater 45-10-05 Angel Face
Molle Mystery Theater 45-03-06 The Man Who Murdered in Public
Molle Mystery Theater 44-12-05 A Crime to Fit the Punishment
Molle Mystery Theatre 45-02-27 Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper
Molle' Mystery Theater 44-12-19 The Man in the Velvet Hat
Molle Mystery Theater 44-07-25 Fifty Candles
Molle Mystery Theater 1944-04-11 Criminal At Large
Molle' Mystery Theater 46-03-29 The Creeper
Molle Mystery Theater 46-04-05 Murder in the City Hall

*** Mr and Mrs North ***

Mr and Mrs North 50-01-03 Accidents on the Ice-Rink
Mr and Mrs North 45-01-17 Frisbie Proves His Point
Mr and Mrs North 52-02-12 The Premature Corpse
Mr and Mrs North 52-03-25 Death In The Dark

*** Murder At Midnight ***

Murder At Midnight 46-10-11 Deaths' Worshipper
Murder At Midnight 46-09-27 Death Across The Board
Murder at Midnight 5-5-47 Island of the Dead

*** My Favorite Husband ***

My Favorite Husband 49-02-11 Valentine's Day
My Favorite Husband 49-09-23 The Attic
My Favorite Husband 49-03-04 Mother-In-Law
My Favorite Husband 49-04-01 April Fool's Day
My Favorite Husband 49-10-28 Halloween Surprise Party

*** Mystery In The Air ***

Mystery in the Air 47-08-21 The Horla
Mystery in the Air 47-09-04 The Mask of Medusa

*** Mysterious Traveler ***

Mysterious Traveler 51-11-06 Behind the Locked Door
Mysterious Traveler 48-05-18 Death Writes a Letter
Mysterious Traveler 47-07-27 The Man the Insects Hated
Mysterious Traveler 47-4-13 Dark Destiny
The Mysterious Traveler 12-29-46 If You Believe
Mysterious Traveler 52-06-17 The Green Plague

*** NBC University Theater ***

NBC University Theater 49-01-09 The Grapes of Wrath
NBC University Theater 49-08-27 Nineteen Eighty-Four
NBC University Theater 49-03-06 Tales of Edgar Allen Poe
NBC University Theater 49-04-10 Moby Dick

*** Nero Wolfe ***

The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe 51-03-02 The Hasty Will
The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe 51-01-26 The Phantom Fingers
The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe 50-12-08 The Impolite Corpse
The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe 50-11-17 The Careless Cleaner
The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe 50-12-29 The Bashful Body
The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe 50-12-15 The Girl Who Cried Wolf
The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe 51-02-16 The Party for Death
Nero Wolfe 51-03-30 The Telltale Ribbon
Nero Wolfe 51 04 06 Slight Case Of Perjury

*** Nick Carter, Master Detective ***

Nick Carter 47-03-23 The Case of the Crystal Prophecy
Nick Carter 43-12-25 Nick Carters Christmas Adventure
Nick Carter 44-10-22 Murder on Mad Mountain
Nick Carter 44-04-08 Murder by Magic

*** Nightmare ***

Nightmare 54-02-03 Hollow Footsteps
Nightmare 54-04-07 The Leech

*** Orson Welles Radio Almanac ***

Orson Welles Radio Almanac 44-05-17 Guest - Ann Sothern
Orson Welles Radio Almanac 44-04-05 Guest Dennis Day
Orson Welles Radio Almanac 44 01 26 Guest Groucho Marx
Orson Welles Radio Almanac 44-06-07 D-Day Program

*** Our Miss Brooks ***

Our Miss Brooks 50-01-08 Board Of Education Day Address
Our Miss Brooks 49-12-18 Connie's Letter To Sandy Clawss
Our Miss Brooks 50-11-05 Burial Grounds
Our Miss Brooks 51-06-03 The First Aid Course
Our Miss Brooks 49-05-29 Arguments, Arguments!
Our Miss Brooks 49-03-13 Cafeteria Boycott
Our Miss Brooks 49-04-03 Special Party
Our Miss Brooks 49-06-12 Madison's Miss Wishing Well Of 1949
Our Miss Brooks 51-05-13 Mrs. Davis' Mother's Day Millinery
Our Miss Brooks 49-02-06 Missing Electric Heater
Our Miss Brooks 49-01-23 Head of the English Department
Our Miss Brooks 55-12-25 The Magic Christmas Tree
Our Miss Brooks 53-12-20 Christmas Re-Gifting Mix-Ups
Our Miss Brooks 50-11-19 Thanksgiving Turkey
Our Miss Brooks 49-10-30 Mr. Conklin's Halloween Breakdown
Our Miss Brooks 49-07-03 July 4th Trip to Eagle Springs
Our Miss Brooks 50-04-09 Easter Egg Dye
Our Miss Brooks 49-04-17 Easter Outfit
Our Miss Brooks 49-11-27 Thanksgiving Weekend

*** Ozzie and Harriet ***

Ozzie and Harriet 49-04-17 Easter Show
Ozzie and Harriet 48-10-31 Haunted House

*** Phil Harris Alice Faye Show ***

Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 49-01-02 Phil Thinks He Is Being Drafted
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 49-05-01 Cleaning The Chimney
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 50-02-12 - Phil Wins Contest
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 50-04-16 Phil is Cinderella
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 52-10-19 Phil the Television Star
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 49-06-05 The Tonsillectomy
Phil Harris Alice Faye Show 53-10-02 A Day at Santa Anita
Phil Harris Alice Faye Show 49-04-10 The Circus
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 49-03-20 Alice's Birthday
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 49-11-13 The Engineer
Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show 1949-10-30 The Ukulele
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 49-11-06 The Television Test
Phil Harris Alice Faye Show 52-12-07 Julius is in Jail
Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show 49-05-22 Phil's Boat
Phil Harris Alice Faye Show 53-10-30 The Romance of Alice and Phil
Phil Harris Alice Faye Show 49-05-15 Cadillac in the Swimming Pool
Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show 49-06-19 Frankie's Foster Son
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 49-03-06 Houseguest Remley Gambles
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 53-06-21 The Forgotten Father
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 48-12-05 Remley Wants To Borrow Phil's Family
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 49-04-17 Dinner for Teacher
Phil Harris Alice Faye Show 49-10-02 Frankie Borrows Phil's New Car
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 49-02-13 Someone Sends Alice Flowers For Valentines Day
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 49-01-23 Preparing To Attend The Inaugural Ball
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 49-01-16 The Band Is Not Invited To The President's Ball
Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show 50-01-01 Phil Takes Singing Lessons
Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show 46-12-29 New Year's Resolution
Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show 48-12-26 The Christmas Present
Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show 53-12-25 Hosting French Refugee Kids for Christmas
Phil Harris Alice Faye Show 52-12-21 Alice Volunteers Phil to Play Santa Claus
Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show 48-12-19 Jack Benny as Santa
Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show 46-12-15 A Present for Phil
Phil Harris And Alice Faye 47-11-02 Phil's Band at High School
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 47-10-26 A Day In The Life Of Phil Harris
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 48-11-21 Health Food
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 48-11-14 New Drug
The Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 48-11-07 A Job For Willie
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 48-10-31 Get Out The Vote
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 48-10-24 The Live Steer
The Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 48-10-17 Phyllis' Boyfriend
The Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 48-10-10 Frank Remley Signs A Contract By Mistake
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 48-10-03 First Show for Rexall
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 49-05-08 Mother's Day Present
The Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 47-03-09 Will Benny Renew Phil's Contract
Phil Harris Alice Faye Show 50-04-09 The Easter Bunny

*** Philip Marlowe ***

Adventures Of Philip Marlowe 49-05-21 Night Tide
Adventures of Philip Marlowe 50-02-14 The Grim Echo
Philip Marlowe 49-06-18 The Busy Body
The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe 49-04-02 The Last Laugh
Philip Marlowe 50-01-21 The Bid for Freedom
Philip Marlowe 47-06-17 Red Wind

*** Philo Vance ***

Philo Vance 50-5-9 The Whistling Murder Case
Philo Vance 50-03-28 Ivory Murder Case
Philo Vance 48-08-31 The Coachman Murder Case
Philo Vance 49-07-26 Cheesecake Murder Case
Philo Vance 48-09-21 The Backstage Murder Case

*** Quiet Please ***

Quiet Please 47-11-17 Kill Me Again
Quiet Please 49-04-17 Shadow of the Wings
Quiet Please 48-06-28 Let the Lilies Consider
Quiet Please 48-10-31 Calling All Souls
Quiet Please 47-10-27 Don't Tell Me About Halloween
Quiet Please 48-02-23 Wear the Dead Man's Coat
Quiet Please 48-11-28 My Son John
Quiet Please 48-05-10 There Are Shadows Here
Quiet Please 47-12-29 Rain on New Years Eve
Quiet Please 49-02-27 If I Should Wake Before I Die
Quiet Please 47-11-03 Take Me out to the Graveyard
Quiet Please 47-06-08 Nothing Behind the Door
Quiet Please 48-12-05 Very Unimportant Person
Quiet Please 48-02-16 Whence Came You
Quiet Please 48-08-09 The Thing on the Fourble Board
Quiet Please 47-12-08 Some People Don't Die

*** Radio Hall Of Fame ***

Radio Hall of Fame 44-03-05 First Song - Take It Easy
Radio Hall Of Fame 43-12-26 New Years Message

*** Red Skelton ***

Red Skelton Show 42-03-17 St. Patrick's Day
Red Skelton Show 49-05-06 Mother's Day
Red Skelton Show 50-12-31 New Year's Puzzle
Red Skelton Show 48-12-31 New Year's Eve Show
Red Skelton Show 46-01-01 Bells and Resolutions
Red Skelton Show 50-12-24 Christmas Show
Red Skelton Show 46-12-31 Old Man Winter
Red Skelton Show 51-12-26 Day After Christmas
Red Skelton Show 49-12-25 Christmas Show
Red Skelton Show 51-12-19 The Christmas Tree
Red Skelton Show 46-12-24 Christmas Stories
Red Skelton Show 42-12-15 Christmas Shopping
Red Skelton Show 50-05-14 Mother's Day
Red Skelton 45-12-25 Christmas Trees
Red Skelton Show 51-11-21 Things to Be Thankful For
Red Skelton Show 42-02-17 Daylight Savings Time
Red Skelton Show 42-02-03 Superstitious People
Red Skelton for Avalon Time 39-07-08 4th of July Picnic

*** Richard Diamond, Private Detective ***

Richard Diamond, Private Detective 50-11-08 Dead Mans Letter
Richard Diamond, Private Detective 49-06-26 The Tom Waxman Bombing Case

*** Rocky Fortune ***

Rocky Fortune 54-01-26 Hauling Nitro
Rocky Fortune 54-01-19 The Museum Murder
Rocky Fortune 54-03-23 Rocket Racket
Rocky Fortune 54-02-09 Catskills Cover-Up
Rocky Fortune 53-10-20 Shipboard Jewel Robbery

*** Roy Rogers ***

The Roy Rogers Show 52-11-20 The Horse that Captured the Captor
Roy Rogers Show 48-09-19 The Ghost Town Men
Roy Rogers Show 52-09-04 Smugglers Stampede
Roy Rogers Show 53-02-12 The Greedy Trapper
Roy Rogers Show 52-02-01 Human Game
The Roy Rogers Show 45-01-23 Sarah Berner, Impersonator
The Roy Rogers Show 52-03-07 Loco Weed
The Roy Rogers Show 48-08-29 The Mystery of the Circle E Ranch
The Roy Rogers Show 45-05-08 The Legend of Pecos Bill
The Roy Rogers Show 45 01 30 The Story Of Tom Barnes, Texas Ranger

*** The Saint ***

The Saint 50-12-10 The Chiseling Chimpanzee
The Saint 50-01-08 The Cake That Killed
The Saint 51-02-04 The Carnival Murder
The Saint 49-12-25 The Nineteen Santa Clauses
The Saint 50-10-29 It's Snow Use
The Saint 49-11-06 The Case of the Unhappy Homicide
The Saint 49-09-18 A Schizophrenic Psychiatrist
The Saint 50-09-03 Baseball Murder
The Saint 50-07-09 The Problem of the Peculiar Payoff
The Saint 51-01-14 Simon Takes a Curtain Call
The Saint 50-12-24 Santa Claus is No Saint
The Saint 50-09-17 The Ghost That Giggled
The Saint 47-10-15 Gangster District Attorney

*** Sam Spade ***

Sam Spade 47-11-09 The Bow Window Caper
Sam Spade 51-01-05 The Biddle Riddle Caper
The Adventures Of Sam Spade 48-10-31 The Fairley-Bright Caper
The Adventures Of Sam Spade 50-11-24 Terrified Turkey Caper
Sam Spade 48-07-04 The Rushlight Diamond Caper
Adventures Of Sam Spade 48-09-12 The Lazarus Caper
Sam Spade 48-08-01 The Dry Martini Caper
The Adventures of Sam Spade 49-04-10 The Stopped Watch Caper

*** Screen Directors Playhouse ***

Screen Director's Playhouse 49-11-18 The Uninvited
Screen Director's Playhouse 49-08-05 Fort Apache
Screen Director's Playhouse 49-04-03 The Ghost Breakers
Screen Directors Playhouse 1950-02-17 Its in the Bag

*** The Sealed Book ***

Sealed Book 45-04-01 Death Spins a Web
Sealed Book 45-4-22 Death at Storm House
Sealed Book 45-06-10 The Ghost Makers
The Sealed Book 1945 The Hands of Death

*** Sealtest Variety Theater ***

Sealtest Variety Theatre 48-11-25 John Lund - Donald O'Connor
Sealtest Variety Theater 49-02-24 Husband and Wife Breakfast Show
Sealtest Variety Theater 48-10-21 Happy Ending
Sealtest Variety Theater 49-03-03 The Great Gildersleeve
Sealtest Variety Theater 49-05-05 Guest Sidney Greenstreet
Sealtest Variety Theater 49-01-06 Guests Cornel Wilde and Ed Gardner
Sealtest Variety Theater 48-09-16 Sir Lancelot of the Lake
Sealtest Variety Theater 48-12-23 Christmas Show
Sealtest Variety Theater 48-12-16 Fibber McGee and Molly
Sealtest Variety Theater 49-02-17 Guests Martin and Lewis
Sealtest Variety Theater 49-06-23 Boris Karloff
Sealtest Variety Theater 49-04-21 Edgar Bergen
The Sealtest Variety Theater 48-12-09 Guest - Jack Benny

*** The Shadow ***

The Shadow 38-08-28 Death Under the Chapel
The Shadow 46-04-21 The Gorilla Man
The Shadow 38-12-11 Murder by Rescue
The Shadow 39-11-12 Inventor of Death
The Shadow 38-11-13 Black Rock
The Shadow 38-10-02 The Black Abbot
The Shadow 38-09-18 Professor X
The Shadow 38-09-04 The Black Buddha
The Shadow 38-08-14 The Hospital Murders
The Shadow 38-12-18 Guest of Death
The Shadow 38-07-24 The Mark of the Bat
The Shadow 40-10-06 Ghost Town
The Shadow 38-07-17 The Reincarnation of Michael
The Shadow 38-06-12 Murder on Approval
The Shadow 48-03-21 Death Coils to Strike
The Shadow 38-04-03 Death from the Deep
The Shadow 38-06-05 Tenor with a Broken Voice
The Shadow 39-02-05 The Ghost of Captain Bayloe
The Shadow 38-11-27 Fountain of Death
The Shadow 40-12-22 Joey's Christmas Story
The Shadow 39-12-10 The Flight of the Vulture
The Shadow 38-06-26 The Old People
The Shadow 38-01-09 The League of Terror
The Shadow 38-08-07 The Mine Hunters
The Shadow 40-10-27 The Mark of the Black Widow
The Shadow 48-10-31 Murder by a Corpse
The Shadow 38-05-15 Murders in Wax
The Shadow 38-05-08 Aboard the Steamship Amazon
The Shadow 38-05-01 White God
The Shadow 46-04-07 The Ghost Wore a Silver Slipper
The Shadow 38-04-24 Power of the Mind
The Shadow 38-03-13 The Silent Avenger
The Shadow 39-01-29 Prelude to Terror
The Shadow 37-12-12 The Death Triangle
The Shadow 38-05-29 The Creeper
The Shadow 38-07-03 Voice Of the Trumpet
The Shadow 38-03-27 The Hypnotized Audience
The Shadow 38-11-20 Death is Blind
The Shadow 38-10-23 Gun Island
The Shadow 38-09-11 The Witch Drums
The Shadow 47-01-05 The Werewolf of Hamilton Mansion
The Shadow 38-04-17 The Blind Beggar Dies
The Shadow 38-03-06 The Bride of Death
The Shadow 38-07-10 He Died At Twelve
The Shadow 38-02-27 The Plot Murder
The Shadow 38-01-30 The Poison Death
The Shadow 38-01-16 Sabotage
The Shadow 39-01-22 Valley Of The Living Dead
The Shadow 45-02-11 Ghost Without A Face
The Shadow 39-01-01 The Man Who Murdered Time
The Shadow 38-07-31 Message from the Hills
The Shadow 42-03-15 Altar of Death
The Shadow 39-12-24 The Stockings Were Hung
The Shadow 49-03-13 The Ring of Mahlalayee
The Shadow 37-10-24 The Temple Bells Of Neban
The Shadow 37-11-28 Circle of Death
The Shadow 38-10-16 Night Without End
The Shadow 39-11-05 Mansion of Madness
The Shadow 38-01-23 The Society of the Living Dead
The Shadow 38-06-12 Death From The Deep
The Shadow 38-08-28 Tomb of Terror
The Shadow 37-10-31 The Three Ghosts
The Shadow 38-08-21 The Caverns of Death
The Shadow 38-02-06 The Phantom Voice
The Shadow 41-02-16 Phantom Voyage
The Shadow 40-01-07 Murder in the Death House
The Shadow 1941-03-23 death prowls at night
The Shadow 40-12-08 The Voice of Death
The Shadow 49-01-02 Death and the Crown of Odalph
The Shadow 1948-05-02 Legend of the Living Swamp
The Shadow 48-11-28 The Wig Makers of Doom Street
The Shadow 45-04-08_Little Man Who Wasn't There
The Shadow 45-03-25 The Destroyer

*** Sherlock Holmes ***

New Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes 47-5-5 The Remarkable Affair Of The Pointless Robbery
Sherlock Holmes 45-10-08 The Case Of The Vanishing Elephant
Sherlock Holmes 49-01-17 The Adventure Of The Fabulous Celebrities
Sherlock Holmes 48-11-14 The Ancient Queen
Sherlock Holmes 45-09-24 The Eyes of Mr Leyton
Sherlock Holmes 54-10-12 A Scandal In Bohemia
Sherlock Holmes 46-01-21 Telltale Pigeon Feathers
Sherlock Holmes 59-05-12 The Man With The Twisted Lip
Sherlock Holmes 49-01-03 The Adventure Of The Malicious Moor
Sherlock Holmes 48-12-12 The Adventure Of London Tower
Sherlock Holmes 47-10-05 The Case Of The Missing Heiress
Sherlock Holmes 48-10-24 The Fabulous Windmill
New Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes 45-10-01 The Problem of Thor Bridge
Sherlock Holmes 46-01-07 Hampton Heath Killer
Sherlock Holmes 48-09-19 The Black Guardsman of Braddock Castle
Sherlock Holmes 47-04-07 The Adventure of the Tolling Bell
Sherlock Holmes 55-04-17 The Final Problem
Sherlock Holmes 45-12-17 The Second Generation
Sherlock Holmes 46-11-30 The Strange Death Of Mrs Abernetty
Sherlock Holmes 54-11-30 The Solitary Cyclist
Sherlock Holmes 45-04-09 The Viennese Strangler
Sherlock Holmes 48-05-16 The Case Of The Everblooming Roses
Sherlock Holmes 45-09-03 The Limping Ghost
Sherlock Holmes 47-01-04 The Darlington Substitution Case
Sherlock Holmes 54-11-16 The Second Stain
Sherlock Holmes 45-11-26 Accidental Murderess
Sherlock Holmes 45-11-19 The Double Zero
Sherlock Holmes 46-05-13 Uneasy Easy Chair
Sherlock Holmes 48-05-02 The Adventure Of The Sinister Crate Of Cabbages
Sherlock Holmes 48-10-10 The Guy Fawkes Society
The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 45-10-29 Murder by Moonlight
Sherlock Holmes 45-05-07 Purloined Ruby
Sherlock Holmes 45-05-14 In Flanders Fields
Sherlock Holmes 47-12-07 Professor Moriarity and The Diamond Jubilee
The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 47-03-03 Queue For Murder
Sherlock Holmes 47-12-21 The Adventure of the Christmas Bride
Sherlock Holmes 45-12-03 Murder in the Casbah
Sherlock Holmes 48-03-21 Death is a Golden Arrow
Sherlock Holmes 46-04-08 Disappearing Scientists
Sherlock Holmes 54-12-21 The Final Problem
The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 47-02-17 The Haunted Bagpipes
Sherlock Holmes 1947-03-31 Maltree Abbey
Sherlock Holmes 1946-01-15 Murder Beyond Mountains
Sherlock Holmes 1948-02-15 Shoscombe Old Place
Sherlock Holmes 1948-04-04 The Adventure of Lady Waverlys Imitation Pearls
Sherlock Holmes 45-05-21 The Paradol Chamber
Sherlock Holmes 1947-06-09 Murder In The Locked Room
Sherlock Holmes 1948-04-11 The Adventure Of The Empty House
Sherlock Holmes 46-04-15 Headless Monk
Sherlock Holmes 46-03-25 Girl With Gazelle
Sherlock Holmes 1948-03-07 The Adventure of the Six Napoleons
Sherlock Holmes 1947-04-14 The Carpathian Horror
Sherlock Holmes 45-12-31 The Iron Box
Sherlock Holmes 1946-05-20 Haunting of Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes 46-04-01 April Fools Day Adventure
Sherlock Holmes 45 04 02 The Amateur Mendicant Society
Sherlock Holmes 1947-05-26 The Submerged Nobleman
Sherlock Holmes 1933 01 18 Murder By Proxy

*** The Six Shooter ***

The Six Shooter 54-01-17 The Silver Buckle
The Six Shooter 53-12-20 Britt Ponsett's Christmas Carol
The Six Shooter 54-04-22 Johnny Springer
The Six Shooter 54-01-31 Trail To Sunset
The Six Shooter 54-01-24 Helen Bricker

*** Sleep No More ***

Sleep No More 56-11-28 Mr Mergenthwirker’s Lobblies - August Heat
Sleep No More 57-03-13 The Escape of Mr Trimm

*** Steve Allen Show ***

Steve Allen Show 49-10-26 Al Jolson
Steve Allen Show 50-06-04 With Eve Arden, Jack Benny, Groucho

*** Suspense ***

Suspense 57-08-04 Flesh Peddler
Suspense 43-03-30 The Dead Sleep Lightly
Suspense 59-01-04 Don't Call Me Mother
Suspense 44-02-03 The Sisters
Suspense 47-08-21 Murder Aboard the Alphabet
Suspense 49-06-23 Ghost Hunt
Suspense 54-01-18 The Face Is Familiar
Suspense 51-05-10 Death on My Hands
Suspense 42-06-17 The Burning Court
Suspense 51-04-05 Murder in G Flat
Suspense 47-02-13 The Thirteenth Sound
Suspense 43-02-16 In Fear and Trembling
Suspense 52-06-02 A Good And Faithful Servant
Suspense 45-02-14 Most Dangerous Game
Suspense 43-02-02 The Doctor Prescribed Death
Suspense 43-12-23 Back For Christmas - Peter Lorre
Suspense 53-12-21 T'was the Night Before Christmas
Suspense 53-2-2 Plan X
Suspense 43-04-20 Moment Of Darkness
Suspense 46-12-05 The House in Cypress Canyon
Suspense 44-10-19 Eve
Suspense 42-11-24 The Body Snatchers
Suspense 43-05-25 Sorry Wrong Number
Suspense 62-04-22 The Curse of Kamoshek
Suspense 43-01-19 The Devils Saint
Suspense 53-10-26 Dutch Schultz
Suspense 49-02-03 Backseat Driver
Suspense 11-3-52 Frankenstein
Suspense - Dunwich Horror with Ronald Colman 11-01-45
Suspense 47-11-28 The Pit and the Pendulum

*** Theatre Royal ***

Theatre Royal 53-10-04 Queen of Spades
Theatre Royal 54-01-30 Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

*** This Is My Best ***

This Is My Best 44-12-19 The Plot To Overthrow Christmas
This Is My Best 45-03-27 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

*** Top Secret ***

Top Secret 50-08-06 Disaster In London
Top Secret 50-07-23 Midnight for Danger

*** True Detective Mysteries ***

True Detective Mysteries 37-09-02 Reprocessed Bride
True Detective Mysteries 37-08-19 Murder In The Horror House

*** The Unexpected ***

The Unexpected 47-7-11 Mercy Killing
The Unexpected 48-05-09 The Cripple

*** Unsolved Mysteries ***

Unsolved Mysteries 1936 Harry Houdini's Challenge To Death
Unsolved Mysteries 1936 Lizzie Borden Case

*** Weird Circle ***

Weird Circle 44-1-8 Frankenstein
Weird Circle 44-1-15 The Feast of Red Gauntlet
The Weird Circle 43-7-15 The House and the Brain
Weird Circle 43-10-10 What Was It
Weird Circle 1944 The Werewolf
Weird Circle 45-02-11 Ancient Mariner
Weird Circle 44-09-10 The Phantom Picture
Weird Circle 45-05-14 The Haunted Hotel
The Weird Circle 1943 The Horla
Weird Circle 45-02-18 The Oblong Box
Weird Circle 45-05-06 The Red Hand
Weird Circle 44-03-12 Spectre of Tappington
Weird Circle 44-09-17 The Ghosts Touch

*** Whatever Became Of... ***

Whatever Became Of 67-05-16 The Great Gildersleeve #2
Whatever Became Of... 67-02-14 Buck Rogers, Wilma Deering, Dr. Huer
Whatever Became Of... 66-10-18 The Shadow and Margo Lane
Whatever Became Of... - 1968 - The Green Hornet - Al Hodge

*** The Whistler ***

The Whistler 42-09-20 Fog
The Whistler 47-10-29 The Back Door
The Whistler 42-11-29 Avarice
The Whistler 42-11-15 Apparition
The Whistler 48-12-26 Delayed Christmas Present
The Whistler 43-06-19 House of Fear
The Whistler 46-09-11 A Brief Pause For Murder
The Whistler 46-01-28 The Strange Sisters
The Whistler 43-05-08 Death Has a Thirst

*** The Witch's Tale ***

Witch's Tale 34-04-26 The Flying Dutchman
The Witch's Tale 37-02-19 The Devil Doctor
The Witch's Tale 37-10-12 The Haunted Crossroads
The Witch's Tale 35-01-07 The Entomologist

*** X Minus One ***

X Minus One 55-05-22 Knock
X Minus One 57-01-30 Caretaker
X Minus One 57-10-17 Point of Departure
X Minus One 57-11-21 The Coffin Cure
X Minus One 57-03-13 The Lights on Precipice Peak
X Minus One 55-10-27 Requiem
X Minus One 56-04-17 Jaywalker
X Minus One 56-07-10 Bad Medicine
X Minus One 55-05-15 Universe
X Minus One 57-01-23 Open Warfare
X Minus One 56-07-31 Student Body
X minus One 1955-05-08 Mars is Heaven
X Minus One 10-20-1955 Childs' Play
X Minus One 5-22-1956 The Defenders
X Minus One 28-8-1956 Surface Tension
X Minus One 1955 Hello, Tomorrow
X Minus One_55-04-22_And The Moon Be Still And Bright

***You Bet Your Life ***

You Bet Your Life 52-04-02 Secret Word 'Chair'
You Bet Your Life 50-12-20 Secret Word is Floor

~~~ Uncategorized Shows Listed By Genre ~~~

*** Comedy and Variety ***

Popeye the Sailor 35-09-10 Popeye Breaks Up With Olive
The Doris Day Show 52-05-02 Donald O'Connor, Liberace
Stan Freberg Show 57-09-29 How to Repair a Leaky Faucet
The Fountain Of Fun 42-11-22 Turkey Rationed
Amos 'n' Andy Show 43-11-19 Turkey Trouble
Birds Eye Open House with Dinah Shore 45-11-22 Groucho Marx
Mail Call 43-01-09 Groucho Marx, Betty Grable, Judy Garland
America Calling 41-02-08 A Salute to the Greek Nation
Blue Ribbon Town 44-01-29 Groucho's Getting Married to Barbara Jo Allen
Recollections At Thirty 56-08-29 Labor Day
Alan Young Show 46-11-15 Duffy's Tavern Caters French Dinner
Chase and Sanborn Program 45-06-10 Guest Groucho Marx
Hollywood Hotel 37-06-11 A Day At The Races
Blondie 40-04-01 Blondie and The April Fool's Birthday
Amos & Andy 45-03-30 Easter Hat
Information Please 39-06-20 Guests Gracie Allen, John Gunther
NBC War Bond Parade 44-03-07 Seventh Consecutive War Bond Drive
Moonlight Serenade 41-12-24 Christmas Show
Bing Crosby - Rosemary Clooney Show 61-11-23 Thanksgiving
Maxwell House Coffee Time 40-11-21 Thanksgiving
Kraft Music Hall with Al Jolson 47-11-27 Dorothy Lamour
The Halls of Ivy 50-11-22 Jack Benny Visits Ivy
CBS Radio At Fifty 77-09-18 An Autobiography In Sound with Walter Cronkite
It Pays To Be Ignorant 44-09-22 Why is Marriage Like Taking A Bath
This Is Your Life 54-12-12 Laurel and Hardy
NBC's 40th Anniversary 66-11-13 Hosts Bergen and McCarthy
This Is Your Life 50-03-08 Charlie McCarthy
Marx Brothers 1935 Hollywood Agents and Time Marxes On
Christmas Seal Show Dec 1951 Fibber McGee And Molly
Five Star Theater - Marx Brothers 33-05-22 Flywheel Shyster & Flywheel - Weekend at Rivingtons
Anthology 54-05-30 Memorial Day 1954
Songs By Sinatra 45-10-17 First Song - What Makes The Sun Set
Rudy Vallee - Royal Gelatin Hour 36-12-17 Guests Shirley Booth and Edgar Bergen
The Hall of Fame 1934-12-23 The Christmas Stocking Walt Disney and Friends
Kraft Music Hall w/ Bing Crosby 44-12-21 Christmas Show
The Circle 39-1-22 Groucho owes Chico Money
The Screen Guild Theater 40-10-20 Jack Benny
Good News Of 1939 38-11-24 Thanksgiving Program
Easy Aces 43-01-2 Jane Is Driving A Bus For The War Effort
Adolph Zukors Silver Jubilee 37-01-07 Host - Jack Benny
Komedy Kingdom 37-3-24 Topic - Movies
Old Gold Comedy Theater 44-12-31 Room Service
Milton Berle 47-11-04 Salute To Football
I Love Lucy 1952-02-26 Breaking The Lease
Laurel And Hardy 1944-6-3 Mr Slaters Poultry Market
Philco Summer Hour 44-07-02 Stars And Stripes Forever
Ed Wynn - The Fire Chief 35-03-26 A Wife in Every Port
Pabst Blue Ribbon Town starring Groucho Marx 2-26-44 guest Jack Benny

*** Detectives and Drama ***

This Is Your FBI 45-06-08 Espionage - Cora Lee Williamson, Spy
Broadway Is My Beat 53-07-04 The John Rand Murder Case
Family Theater 48-05-06 Mother's Halo Was Tight
Family Hour of Stars 48-12-19 Lullaby of Christmas
Adventures Of The Thin Man 44-12-01 The Case of the All-American Menace
Mr. Moto 51-07-08 Sabotage
Radio City Playhouse 49-03-21 Blind Vengeance
Sears Radio Theater 79-02-21 The Ouija Spells Murder
Appointment With Fear 44-05-18 The Clock Strikes Eight
Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator 51-10-31 Corpse on Delivery
Night Beat 50-09-11 The Hunter Becomes the Hunted
Casey Crime Photographer 47-11-27 After Turkey The Bill
Charlie Chan 45-10-01 Case Of The Marching Ants
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 53-07-14 The Shayne Bombing Matter
Cloak and Dagger 50-07-02 The Eyes of Buddha
The Lone Ranger 38-04-29 Train Wreck Plot

*** Film and Novel Adaptations ***

The Globe Theater 44-12-23 A Christmas Carol
American Novels 47-09-19 Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Hollywood Radio Theater 55-02-08 War of the Worlds
NBC Star Playhouse 53-12-27 Alice in Wonderland
Ford Theater - 49-03-04 - The Horn Blows At Midnight

*** News and Docu-dramas ***

Secret Missions 49-03-13 Battle for Heavy Water
CBS European News 40-07-04 - 164th Anniv. of US Independence
Adventures In Research 44-12-30 Eyes and Ears For The Millions
Hear It Now 50-12-15 Korean War Reports
You Are There 48-07-04 The Signing Of The Declaration Of Independence
Ceiling Unlimited 43-09-05 A Smart Soldier Like Me
Winston Churchill 44-11-23 Americas Thanksgiving Day
Soldiers Of The Press 44-06-25 Virgil Pinkney - Invasion
Eyes Aloft 42-12-07 Special Pearl Harbor Memorial
Mutual Broadcasting System In Review 38-01-02 - 1937 In Review
Hallmark Playhouse 50-02-23 Autobiography of Will Rogers
President Franklin Roosevelt 41-12-24 White House Christmas Tree Ceremony
Ceiling Unlimited 43-12-19 Christmas Show - Letter to an Unborn Son
Walter Winchell 41-12-07 Japanese Nationals Are To Be Interned
Fireside Chat with Franklin D Roosevelt 1941-12-09 On the Declaration of War with Japan
The Origin Of Superstition 1935 The Boogey Man
Gang Busters 44-07-14 The Case of the Costumed Killer
Cloak and Dagger 50-07-02 The Eyes of Buddha
Dear Adolf 42-07-12 Letter From An American Laborer
Wings To Victory 43-04-01 Raid In Burma
What Are We Fighting For 42-04-09 What Pearl Harbor Means To Me
Thirty Minutes In Hollywood 37-10-24 Guest Judy Garland
That Was the Year 37-06-14 Spotlighting the Year - 1933
What Are We Fighting For 42-04-16 Your Enemies, The Fascists

*** Sci-Fi and Horror ***

Adventures of Superman 49-12-10 Mystery of the Mechanical Monster
Black Castle 42-12-16 Escape To Death
The Strange Dr Weird 45-04-03 The Devil's Caverns
Bela Lugosis' Mystery House 44-07-03 The Thirsty Death (Audition)
Beyond Tomorrow 50-04-18 The Outer Limit
Out of This World 2-28-47 Dead of Night

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