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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Charlie McCarthy Show 47-10-26 Richard Widmark

Because Halloween is coming, Charlie is running a protection racket on shopkeepers to either pay up, or get their windows soaped. Mortimer explains to Bergen why his clothes have shrunk. Richard Widmark visits Bergen with a plan to scare Charlie out of becoming a racketeer by having Bergen trick him into going to The Bronze Casket Cafe, at 1313 Skull Street, where Richard and his friends will be waiting.

Running time - 27:10 min

Suspense 43-03-30 The Dead Sleep Lightly

A wealthy, strong willed gentleman nears the breaking point after coming to believe he is being haunted by his long dead wife.

Starring Walter Hampden,  Susan Hayward, and Lee Bowman

Running time - 29:39 min

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Abbott & Costello 48-06-02 Guest Lon Chaney Jr

Costello learns his new girl Honeysuckle Epstein has a date with Lon Chaney Jr., and tries to get tough with him, but Lon is tougher.

Running time - 28:15 min

Haunting Hour 45-04-21 A Corpse There Was

A woman accidentally kills a man who claims to love her, and she flees the scene, but returns shortly after, only to find the body missing. She soon finds the body has been buried in a fresh grave with his headstone already carved.

Running time - 25:00 min

Monday, October 24, 2016

Have Gun, Will Travel 59-02-08 Killer's Widow

Paladin is hired to recover $30,000 stolen from a bank by an outlaw he was forced to kill 2 months before.

Starring John Dehner as Paladin

Running time - 24:38 min

Hall of Fantasy 53-07-06 The Man in Black

Two men are determined to search for information about a mysterious Man In Black, even after learning that everyone who seeks the man, dies.

Running time - 23:48 min

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Our Miss Brooks 49-05-29 Arguments, Arguments!

After talking with Walter about how he and his girlfriend intentionally start arguments with each other just so they can make up, Miss Brooks gets the idea to try that technique on Mr. Boynton.

Running time - 29:30 min

Monday, October 17, 2016

Charlie McCarthy Show 47-11-16 Lana Turner

Charlie tries to explain to Bergen why he was brought home by the police the day before. Mortimer Snerd tells Bergen he's been bitten by the Love Bug. Charlie has found some old love letters of Bergen's and intends to sell them, but Bergen enlists the aide of Lana Turner to help him get them back from Charlie.

Running time - 29:20 min

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Molle Mystery Theater 45-10-26 Ghost with the Gun

On Halloween night, a criminal is killed by someone apparently dressed as a ghost, and a detective works to uncover the gunman.

Running time - 25:31 min

America Calling 41-02-08 A Salute to the Greek Nation

Jack Benny and Bob Hope co-MC this program dedicated to the Greek War Relief, broadcast on CBS, NBC, independent stations, and also sent throughout Europe. Comedy, music, and dramatic entertainment is presented by many stars including Mickey Rooney, Robert Taylor, Ronald Colman, Shirley Temple, Ann Rutherford, Barbara Stanwyck, Carey Wilson, Charles Laughton, Clark Gable, Dick Powell, Don Wilson, Groucho Marx, Melvyn Douglas, Connie Boswell, Madeleine Carroll, Myrna Loy, Mary Martin, Tyrone Power, and others.

Running time - 1:21:26 min

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Weird Circle 44-1-8 Frankenstein

The Weird Circle presents it's version of the Mary Shelley classic, Frankenstein, about a scientist's efforts to create life and the consequences of his actions.

Running time - 26:18 min

Jack Benny Program 44-04-16 Bob Hope Parody

From the Army air-force's pilot school at Stockton California, Jack forces Don to lead him into a corny joke. Jack introduces Bob Hope's brother George, and the cast performs a Bob Hope show, with Benny as Hope, Dennis as Professor Colonna, Mary as Francis Langford, and Phil as Vera Vague.

Running time - 28:40 min

Monday, October 10, 2016

Duffy's Tavern 44-09-22 Insurance Policy for Finnegan - Gene Tierney

Archie becomes the beneficiary on Finnegan's insurance policy, and tries to find a way to collect. Archie tries to talk Gene Tierney into a date.

Running time - 29:43 min

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fibber McGee And Molly 39-10-17 Raking Leaves

Neighbor Gildersleeve is upset about leaves that keep blowing onto his lawn because Fibber hasn't gotten around to raking up his own.

Running time - 28:31 min

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Witch's Tale 34-04-26 The Flying Dutchman

A ruthless ship's captain sails his ship through a treacherous storm around the Cape of Good Hope, and forsaking God, is cursed to sail the seas in a phantom ship.

Running time - 29:27 min

Fred Allen Show 47-06-08 Rochester Has His Own Radio Program

Fred and Portland go to Allen's Alley to ask the question, "Have you had any unusual experience trying to buy a new car?" Rochester visits Fred to tell him he's written a radio play and wants to be Fred's summer replacement. Rochester and Fred perform Rochester's murder mystery, "I Stand Condemned," with Detective One Long Pan.

Running time - 29:06 min

Friday, October 7, 2016

Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 50-02-12 - Phil Wins Contest

Alice Faye sings, "Who Cares?" Phil, Alice, Willie, and Remley are at NBC studios to rehearse their show, but phil gets them lost. Phil accidentally winds up as a contestant on a singing program and wins by singing "That's What I Like About The South," but the prizes cause problems.

Running time - 30:46 min

Jack Benny Program 44-10-22 Captain O'Benny

Jack reluctantly auditions his insurance salesman as a new singer for the program. The cast attempts to solve a murder mystery in the play "Captain O'Benny", but is interrupted once by Cliff Nazarro, and then again by another singer trying to audition for the program.

Running time - 28:35 min

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Weird Circle 44-1-15 The Feast of Red Gauntlet

In the Scottish Highlands, a man who accompanied his master into the woods and witnessed the hanging of 3 men his master ordered, is met by a spirit who demands the man pay restitution to the families of the dead men.

Running time - 27:18 min

You Bet Your Life 52-04-02 Secret Word 'Chair'

Groucho's contestants include a Jokey and a bookmobile librarian, then Mr. Don Park with Mrs. Pickert, and lastly, Nina Molier with Jack Wright. Secret Word is 'Chair'.

Running time - 29:24 min

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Molle Mystery Theater 45-06-05 The Beckoning Fair One

A writer rents rooms in an old mansion and soon becomes either a victim of a haunted house, or his own imagination.

Running time - 28:49 min

Abbott & Costello Show 44-03-23 A Psychiatrist for Costello with Linda Darnell

Bud is concerned about Lou acting strangely, and takes him to see a psychiatrist who sends Lou to rest home under the care of a nurse, played by guest Linda Darnell.

Running time - 28:30 min

Monday, October 3, 2016

Blue Ribbon Town 44-01-29 Groucho's Getting Married to Barbara Jo Allen

Groucho wants to get married just to get a good cook, and tries a matrimonial agency, but gets matched up with Vera Vague who can't cook and only wants romance. Groucho claims he would make a terrible husband for Vera, and the two perform in a play so he can prove it.

Running time - 28:29 min

Sherlock Holmes 49-01-17 The Adventure Of The Fabulous Celebrities

Holmes is called upon by Scotland Yard for his assistance in solving a series of murders of famous persons, and immediately finds his own life in peril.

Running time - 24:30 min

The Shadow 39-11-12 Inventor of Death

Lamont and Margo fall victim to the madness of a scientist who uses a mechanical robot to take revenge on those who turned down his invention.

Running time - 24:15 min

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Jack Benny Program 38-03-27 Harry Von Zell Subs for Don Wilson

Broadcasting from New York, Harry Von Zell substitutes for Don Wilson, and Abe Lyman and his orchestra take Phil Harris' place. Abe tries to play tricks on Jack. Robert Ripley questions Jack for his "Believe it or not." Kate Smith sings "This Time It's Real." Fred Allen visits Jack and continues their feud.

Running time - 29:30 min

Sleep No More 56-11-28 Mr Mergenthwirker’s Lobblies - August Heat

Two tales. Mr Mergenthwirker’s Lobblies: A reporter is confronted by a man who tells him that invisible companions tell him of future crimes.  August Heat: On a very hot day, a man meets a stone mason chiseling a gravestone and finds the information on the gravestone is his own.

Running time - 24:27 min

Chase and Sanborn Hour 37-09-05 Ida Lupino

Nelson Eddy sings "I'm Falling In Love With Someone," and "The Lord Chancellor's Nightmare." Edgar Bergen tells Charlie of his romance. Dorothy Lamour sings "Whispers In The Dark." Ida Lupino performs in the play "Salute The Baroness." Charlie has written a play called "Spies." Don Ameche sings "Me, Myself, and I." W.C. Fields tells of when his brother was killed where he ran a hotel in Bolivia. Charlie trades insults with Fields.

Running time - 59:41 min

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Steve Allen Show 49-10-26 Al Jolson

Steve's guest is Al Jolson who, while joking with Steve, sings a number of his famous songs.

Running time - 49:15 min