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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Fibber McGee And Molly 46-12-31 New Years Eve Party with Fred Waring

Fibber and Molly are taking time off, and instead, Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians, host a half hour of music to bring in the New Year.

Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians

Running time - 27:55 min

Milton Berle Show 47-12-30 Salutes the New Year

Berle's salute to the new year begins with the highlights of 1947. Two versions of how the Milton Berle Show got started; Berle's version, and then the truth. Questions about New Years from the audience. The Man of the Year. What happened to Berle last New Year's Eve.

Running time - 29:27 min

Red Skelton Show 50-12-31 New Year's Puzzle

San Fernando Red explains his political plans for the new year. Willie Lump-Lump has been missing for 2 days and Rod O'Connor promises to find him. Rod visits Clem Kadiddlehopper, Cauliflower McPugg, and Junior The Mean Widdle Kid, to see if they knew what happened to Willie.

Running time - 29:33 min

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Andrews Sisters 44-12-31 Guest - Bing Crosby, Gabby Hayes

It's New Year's Eve and the Andrews Sisters start their new show, and inherit a dude ranch they call the "Eight To The Bar" ranch where they meet their foreman Gabby Hayes. Gabby likes Patty and gets jealous when he hears Bing Crosby will arrive today to stay at the ranch for a while, and trades insults with him when he shows up.

Running time - 28:35 min

Aldrich Family 48-12-30 New Years Eve Party

Members of the Aldrich family each have plans for New Year's Eve, but all of their plans keep changing.

Running time - 24:18 min

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Fibber McGee And Molly 52-01-01 New Year's Day Visiting

Fibber and Molly spend New Year's Day visiting their friends, and Fibber makes a pig out of himself at each stop.

Running time - 29:38 min

The Henry Morgan Show 49-12-30 New Years Eve Show

Henry tells some leftover jokes from earlier in the year. Henry chats with a lady cab driver. A parody of the World News. A couple visits friends on New Year's Eve.

Running time - 28:21 min

Red Skelton Show 48-12-31 New Year's Eve Show

The Skelton Television Players perform "A G.I. Joe Remembers New Year's Eve." Junior, The Mean Widdle Kid hassles his parents who are preparing to go out for New Year's.

Running time - 29:53 min

Fibber McGee And Molly 43-12-28 A Fresh Start for New Years

McGee has a ribbon on his finger to remind him of something, but he can't remember, and has been working like a dog to fix things and return borrow items, hoping that one of them was it.

Running time - 28:45 min

Monday, December 28, 2015

Duffy's Tavern 51-12-28 Hawaiian Vacation Slogan Contest

Archie enters and wins a contest for a trip to Hawaii, but the contest is for 13 year olds, and he tries to con his way into getting the prize anyway.

Running time - 30:04 min

Great Gildersleeve 48-12-29 A Wedding Is Imminent

Gildersleeve is having second thoughts about marrying Adeline and wants to get out of it.

Running time - 29:50 min

Jack Benny Program 44-01-02 Annual New Year's show

Jack announces that the cast is going to perform their annual New Year's play called The New Tenant, and tries to explain it to Dennis. In the play, Father Time, played by Jack, listens to the World Series game on the radio between "The Allied All-Stars" against "The Axis Pole Cats."

Running time - 29:30 min

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Fibber McGee And Molly 48-12-28 New Year's Eve Dance

The McGees enter High Society when the Mayor invites them to attend the Country Club Dance for New Year's Eve.

Running time - 28:29 min

Burns and Allen Show 42-12-29 Gracie's Dating Service

Gracie learns that guest Rita Hayworth has trouble getting dates so Gracie tries to set her up on a date.

Running time - 28:59 min

Red Skelton Show 46-01-01 Bells and Resolutions

The Skelton Scrapbook of Satire episode starts with Deadeye riding into town to help with the New Year's celebration. Junior, The Mean Widdle Kid proves to his grandma that he isn't going to change for the new year.

Running time - 29:21 min

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Great Gildersleeve 45-12-23 Christmas Eve at Home

On Christmas Eve, Gildy and family are wrapping presents and friends are stopping by to drop off gifts and wishes for a Merry Christmas.

Running time - 29:50 min

Dennis Day Show 46-12-25 The Boy Who Sang for a King

Mrs. Anderson orders Dennis to leave the rooming house after he ruins her hair with a permanent wave formula he invented, but changes her mind after hearing him tell a Christmas story to a little boy.

Running time - 29:41 min

Friday, December 25, 2015

Moonlight Serenade 41-12-24 Christmas Show

Glenn Miller and His Orchestra lead this music filled program with Ray Eberle, The Modernaires, and Marion Hutton.

Running time - 14:04 min

Elgin Holiday Specials 48-12-25 7th Annual Elgin Christmas Show

The host of this 2 hour special, Don Ameche, introduces Lauritz Melchior who sings a Christmas carol, followed by Al Jolson who sings "I'm Sitting On Top Of The World". Al talks to Don about his visit to Santa. Danny Thomas talks about how expensive it is for him to live in Beverly Hills. Edgar Bergen has given Charlie McCarthy a horse for Christmas and he can keep it only if he remains good. Al wants Charlie to sell the horse. Don performs in a story called "The Other Wise Man". Cass Daley tells about her search for romance. Other stars include Jack Kirkwood, Jo Stafford, Ozzie Nelson, Harriet Hilliard, Robert Armbruster, and Sandra Berkova.

Host Don Ameche

Running time - 1:52:10 min

Campbell Playhouse 39-12-24 A Christmas Carol

Lionel Barrymore stars as Ebenezer Scrooge in this version of "A Christmas Carol" produced by The Campbell Playhouse and narrated by Orson Welles. This is the story of a selfish old miser who learns on the night of Christmas Eve, the true meaning of Christmas and redeems his soul. Mr. Barrymore speaks to the audience at the end of the broadcast and wishes you all a Merry Christmas.

Lionel Barrymore stars as Ebenezer Scrooge

Running time - 51:50 min

Abbott & Costello 44-12-21 Christmas Party

Costello plans a Christmas party for his little brother Sebastian. Costello falls asleep while singing Sebastian a lullaby and dreams of his own childhood at Christmas.

Running time - 20:52 min

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Fibber McGee And Molly 41-12-23 Christmas Presents

The McGees receive an electric doorbell in the mail as a Christmas present, but they can't find out who sent it. Gildersleeve is in town and pays his old neighbors a visit.

Running time - 29:11 min

Campbell Playhouse 38-12-23 A Christmas Carol

Orson Welles narrates the Campbell Playhouse version of the Charles Dickens classic, about Ebenezer Scrooge, a miser who is visited by the ghost of his partner and the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, on Christmas Eve.

Running time - 1:00:47 min

Great Gildersleeve 44-12-24 Twas the Night Before Christmas

After receiving some good news from Judge Hooker, Gildy finally gets the Christmas Spirit and runs out to shop for presents and invites everyone to his house for Christmas Eve.

Running time - 28:58 min

Our Miss Brooks 55-12-25 The Magic Christmas Tree

Miss Brooks expects to spend Christmas Eve alone, with no family in town and all her friends visiting their own families, but then she buys a Christmas tree from a little boy that claims it's magic. Miss Brooks falls asleep and has a dream that later comes true.

Running time - 24:33 min

Aldrich Family 52-12-21 Christmas Eve With The Family

Confusion and frustration in the Aldrich household when Henry competes with another boy to get a special gift for a girl instead of staying home with the family.

Running time - 28:02 min

Great Gildersleeve 53-12-02 Earning Christmas Money

Gildersleeve has the idea to talk Leroy into getting a job to earn money for Christmas, but Leroy turns the tables on him and gets Gildy to also agree to get a job for extra money.

Running time - 29:08 min

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Shadow 40-12-22 Joey's Christmas Story

Lamont and Margo help out the family of a paperboy whose father committed a crime out of desperation so his family could have a nice holiday.

Running time - 29:03 min

Burns and Allen Show 42-12-22 Santa and the Pirates

Gracie falls asleep and dreams that she and George go to Santa's Workshop and find that pirates have stolen all the toys, so Gracie and George help Santa catch the pirates and get the toys back.

Running time - 29:25 min

Fibber McGee And Molly 52-12-23 Doc's Surprise Party

Fibber and Molly get their friends to help arrange a surprise Christmas party for a lonely Doc Gamble.

Running time - 30:13 min

The Fitch Bandwagon 47-12-21 Annual Christmas Show

Phil's kids want to stay up and see Santa on Christmas Eve, so Phil plans to hire a Santa, and Jack Benny arrives to accept the job.

*note: This same script was used later on the Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show, on 48-12-19 and again on 49-12-25.

Running time - 28:59 min

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New Edgar Bergen Hour 55-12-25 Christmas Show

Edgar's daughter Candy visits and has fun with Charlie reciting "The Night Before Christmas." Professor Kirkwood's topic for today is "Bankruptcy And How To Enjoy It."  Mortimer explains how he hurt his nose tying his shoelaces. Bergen's version of a quiz show called, "What The Devil Do You Do?" Bergen interviews one of Santa's Helpers. Charlie tells what really happened in the story of "Little Red Riding Hood", according to the wolf.

Running time - 54:45 min

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Saint 49-12-25 The Nineteen Santa Clauses

The Saint is all dressed up as Santa Claus to entertain underprivileged children when almost immediately 2 separate guns are pointed at him accusing him of having "the stuff" and demands that he turn it over, or else.

*note: This script was also used in the later broadcast of 50-12-24

Running time - 28:59 min

Red Skelton Show 50-12-24 Christmas Show

Junior "The Mean Widdle Kid" appears in a Christmas play with Deadeye and Clem Kadiddlehopper.

Running time - 28:38 min

Great Gildersleeve 47-12-24 Leroy's Christmas Dog

Gildy still hasn't gotten Leroy the model airplane he's been begging for, but now the store is all out and he has to find something else for Leroy. A stray dog follows Gildy home and Leroy thinks it's for him.

Running time - 27:45 min

Lux Radio Theater 47-03-10 It's a Wonderful Life

Jimmy Stewart stars as a man who has a run of bad luck, and has given up on life, until he meets an angel who shows him how the world would be different had he never been born. Also starring Donna Reed and Victor Moore.

Running time - 59:18 min

Abbott & Costello Show 43-12-23 Christmas Show

Lou can't get anyone to come to his Christmas party. Lou tells the story of his childhood Christmas. All his friends surprise Lou by showing up to his party.

*note: This is the same script used later for the 45-12-20 broadcast.

Running time - 25:23 min

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Milton Berle Show 47-12-23 Salutes Christmas

Ralph Waldo Finster reads his version of the poem, "The Night Before Christmas." The "Christmas Forum Tonight" takes questions from the audience. Milton interviews a mailman. Milton recounts the trouble he had trying to buy a chinchilla muff for his wife for Christmas.

Running time - 27:08 min

Aldrich Family 48-12-23 Christmas Program

Henry has his heart set on the present he wants for Christmas and drops subtle hints to his parents that are a little too subtle.

Running time - 28:53 min

Great Gildersleeve 47-12-10 Christmas Shopping

Gildersleeve sets out to do some early Christmas shopping, but keeps getting sidetracked.

Running time - 29:50 min

Elgin Holiday Specials 45-12-25 4th Annual Elgin Christmas Show

Don Ameche hosts this 2 hour long 4th Elgin Christmas show, with entertainment provided by Bob Hope, Bob Crosby, Ginny Simms, Vera Vague, General Omar Bradley, Larry Storch, Jack Benny, Red Skelton, and many others.

Host Don Ameche

Running time - 2:00:19 min

Burns and Allen 43-12-21 Playing Santa Claus

Gracie fails to convince George to play Santa in a pageant, so she talks to Elsa Lanchester to try and get her husband, Charles Laughton, to play Santa, but he also refuses, and so begins a battle of wills between husbands and wives.

Running time - 28:41 min

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Globe Theater 44-12-23 A Christmas Carol

Lionel Barrymore stars as Ebenezer Scrooge in the Globe Theater's production of the Charles Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol.

Lionel Barrymore as Ebenezer Scrooge

Running time - 28:08 min

Fibber McGee And Molly 46-12-24 Fixing Toys the Day Before Christmas

Fibber takes on the task of repairing old broken toys that will be given away to unfortunate children, and he's running late.

Running time - 29:15 min

Fibber McGee And Molly 48-12-07 Christmas Shopping

Fibber and Molly decide to avoid last minute Christmas shopping by not only shopping early, but also having the store do the wrapping for them, but when they get back home, they'd forgotten something.

Running time - 29:40 min

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Abbott & Costello 48-12-23 Sam Shovel - I'm All Yours in Buttons and Bows

Bud and Lou go Christmas shopping for presents for the cast. Lieutenant Abbott asks Detective Sam Shovel to help him guard a department store during the Christmas rush.

Running time - 29:18 min

Burns and Allen Show 36-12-23 Gracie's Christmas Carol

Gracie has written a brand new play for the cast to perform that she calls "A Christmas Carol," but George thinks someone else had written it first.

Running time - 26:49 min

Family Hour of Stars 48-12-19 Lullaby of Christmas

Gregory Peck narrates the tale of a speechless orphaned boy who works at an Inn in Bethlehem.

Running time - 18:31 min

Charlie McCarthy Show 44-12-24 Navy Choir

Charlie must recite "The Night Before Christmas", to receive a special gift from Bergen, but he hasn't studied for it. Bergen arranges for Charlie to take music lessons from Professor Gazzola. The Navy Choir from the Great Lakes Naval Training Station sing Christmas songs. Don Ameche recites "The American Prayer."

Running time - 29:26 min

Saturday, December 12, 2015

This Is My Best 44-12-19 The Plot To Overthrow Christmas

The Demons of the Underworld hold a meeting to decide how to deal with the setbacks they suffer during each Christmas Season, and settle on a plan to eliminate Santa Claus.

Orson Wells starring as Nero

Running time - 29:14 min