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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Suspense 57-08-04 Flesh Peddler

A talent agent reluctantly attends a carnival and discovers a ventriloquist he becomes obsessed with signing up, but instead learns a terrible secret.

Running time - 30:05 min

Boston Blackie 47-01-28 Jacques Pierre And The Diamonds

An insurance adjuster asks Blackie to help recover stolen diamonds. Blackie quickly learns their whereabouts and attempts to steal them back, but they appear to have already been stolen again.

Starring Richard Kollmar as Boston Blackie

Running time - 27:42 min

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Escape 49-09-21 The Fortune of Vargas

A mining machine salesman, fed up with his job, spend his vacation in Mexico seeking adventure, and unfortunately finds it in a search for gold.

Starring Victor Mature

Running time - 29:30 min

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Adventures Of Philip Marlowe 49-05-21 Night Tide

Philip Marlowe is hired by the owner of a fishing fleet that sent a man to prison for stealing from him, and now the man is free and the fleet owner is found murdered. Marlowe eventually stumbles upon the real killer.

Gerald Mohr starring as Philip Marlowe

Running time - 30:40 min

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Duffy's Tavern 49-05-25 Ed Wynn Narrates Archie's Opera

After attending an opera, Archie decides to write one himself, one that will be narrated by Ed Wynn so the audience will understand it.

Running time - 29:31 min

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Dimension X 50-05-20 The Lost Race

A space ship is stranded on a planet once occupied by a mysterious lost race of aliens. The crew is plagued by sabotage to the ship by someone or something that doesn't want them to leave.

Running time - 29:39 min

Jack Benny Program 44-02-06 From Terminal Island

Jack, Mary, and Rochester are late driving to the program broadcasting from the Terminal Island, California, Roosevelt Navy Base. Dennis sings "My Ideal", and plans to change his name to Dennis Hasenpfeffer. Mary and Phil sing a duet of "You Have To Talk Me Into It, Baby." Jack tells how he enlisted in the last war.

Running time - 29:30 min

Friday, May 5, 2017

Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 49-01-02 Phil Thinks He Is Being Drafted

Phil gets a draft notice with his name on it, but with the wrong address, and isn't sure if it's a mistake or not.

Running time - 27:51 min

Friday, April 28, 2017

The Shadow 38-08-28 Death Under the Chapel

An insane professor is dishonorably discharged from the faculty after being responsible for the suicide of one of his students, and plans to seek revenge by blowing up the chapel during commencement ceremonies killing hundreds.

Starring Orson Welles and Margot Stevenson

Running time - 25:30 min

Popeye the Sailor 35-09-10 Popeye Breaks Up With Olive

Olive Oyl, Wimpy, and Matey the Newsboy, all find themselves aboard a runaway streetcar in desperate need of rescue by Popeye who has broken up with Olive.

Running time - 14:37 min

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Adventures of Superman 49-12-10 Mystery of the Mechanical Monster

Metropolis has been terrified by the appearance of a giant mechanical man that climbed from a sewer in the center of the city carrying a woman in it's grip. Later, Clark Kent and Mr. White discover where the monster is kept, and Superman arrives in time to render it harmless.

Running time - 29:23 min

Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Whistler 42-09-20 Fog

A man named Danny is walking to a pool room to try and collect on money owed him, but has an accident in the heavy fog along the way, loses his memory and runs off. Later, the man who owed him money is found shot dead, and after Danny regains his senses, believes he's guilty, because of a witness.

Running time - 29:29 min

New Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes 47-5-5 The Remarkable Affair Of The Pointless Robbery

When Watson pays a visit to a retired Sherlock Holmes at his bee farm, Holmes learns that the local rectory has been broken into and ransacked, but nothing stolen, and later a chemist has been murdered in his shop, and again, nothing taken. Holmes soon discovers that Professor Moriarty is responsible, and plans to betray England to Germany.

Starring Tom Conway and Nigel Bruce as Holmes and Watson

Running time - 29:03 min

Jack Benny Program 39-04-16 Phil Shoots the Movie 'Man About Town' Behind Jack's Back

Jack talks about his vacation, not-quite-in, Palm Springs. Kenny Baker sings, "Heaven Can Wait." Jack gets mad about the part he has in a film with Phil Harris, so Rochester drives Jack and Mary to Paramount Studios to complain, and gets in an accident.

Running time - 29:26 min

Friday, March 31, 2017

The Jimmy Durante Show 48-04-21 Guests Lou Clayton and Eddie Jackson

Jimmy introduces his old vaudeville partners, Clayton and Jackson, for their first appearance on radio, and entertains with songs and jokes. Victor Moore talks about the new pet shop he just opened. Jimmy and the gang travel the country to survey small businesses.

Running time - 26:23 min

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dragnet 49-09-17 Cop Killing

Detectives Friday and Romero are investigating the shooting of a policeman. Two men in a car, one shot the officer as he approached their car, and has been captured, but the second man must be found as well as a reason for the shooting.

Running time - 29:12 min

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Life Of Riley 44-04-02 Riley's Birthday - Thinks Baxter Is Giving Party

Riley's day of rest turns to disappointment and anger when he learns Uncle Baxter has ordered food for his friends and charged it all to Riley.

Running time - 30:05 min

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Doris Day Show 52-05-02 Donald O'Connor, Liberace

Doris opens the show with the song, "You're Nobody's Sweetheart Now," followed by "Canadian Capers." Doris talks with Liberace about his name, and gets him to play a tune called "I Want My Mama." Doris reads a letter from a marine and sings a song just for him. Donald O'Connor talks about his recently released film "Singing In The Rain," then performs a British scene with Doris, and then she sings "Singing In The Rain."

Running time - 29:45 min

Blue Beetle 40-05-24 Blasting The Dynamite Gang

The Blue Beetle is after an underworld figure called The Octopus and his gang that are terrorizing the city by causing a series of explosions, and have threatened harm to the mayor and his son if the city's power isn't cut so they can loot the town.

Running time - 25:33 min

Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 49-05-01 Cleaning The Chimney

Phil and Remley attempt to clean the chimney and end up with soot completely covering the living room rug.

Running time - 29:30 min

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Casebook Of Gregory Hood 46-06-17 Murder of Gregory Hood

Two men have vowed to kill Gregory, and after an attempt is made, apparently by a third person, he pretends to have been killed in order to catch his murderer.

Running time - 28:40 min

Jack Benny Program 36-04-12 Ah Wilderness

Broadcasting from Cleveland, Ohio, Mary tries to recite an Easter poem, then the cast performs their version of "Ah Wilderness," by the playwright Eugene O'Neill.

Running time - 26:00 min

Friday, March 24, 2017

Eddie Cantor Show 47-03-06 How Eddie and Al Jolson Got Started

Eddie sings "I'm Sitting On Top Of The World." Eddie tells Harry Von Zell about the problems he has with Al Jolson. Al sings "Swanee," and then tells a reporter how he got started in show biz and met Eddie Cantor. Eddie tells his version of meeting Al. Eddie and Al imitate each other, and then sing a duet.

Running time - 29:33 min

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Green Hornet 42-09-26 Last Words Mean Sabotage

The murder of a small-time crook leads the Hornet on the trail of saboteurs who plan to blow up a power dam.

Running time - 27:14 min

Abbott and Costello Show 44-01-13 Lou Is Not Feeling Well

Abbott believes Costello has the flu, and tries to get him healthy by taking him to Dr. Peter Lorre's Sanitarium at midnight.

Running time - 29:23 min

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Roy Rogers Show 52-11-20 The Horse that Captured the Captor

The Sheriff's horse is stolen and Roy suspects a pair of truckers, and uses Trigger as bait.

Running time - 26:09 min

Duffy's Tavern 44-04-11 Carole Landis Talks About Women in the Work Force

Duffy makes Carole Landis general manager of the tavern and Archie's boss, so Archie tries to make things hard for her.

Running time - 30:06 min

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bold Venture 51-03-26 Deadly Merchandise

After Slate and Sailor return home to Havana empty handed, because a client they were supposed to meet in Key West with cargo to transport back to Havana, never appeared, they are soon confronted by two different strangers anxious to collect the cargo Slate didn't have. Both are killed, and Slate sets out to find out why.

Starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall

Running time - 27:20 min

Fred Allen Show 40-05-01 Information Tease

Ipana News investigates college publicity requirements. Fred and Portland discuss daylight Savings Time. Fred interviews a worm hunting expert. The Round Table panel discusses "Should a boy keeping company with a girl pay for meals and theater tickets when they go out together, or go Dutch treat?" The Might Allen Art Players present a parody of the program Information Please, called Information Tease.
*Music and Commercials cut short.

Running time - 46:31 min

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Jack Benny Program 44-01-16 From Camp El Toro, California

Jack introduces the gang to Alexis Smith, his leading Lady in a picture he's going to make, and the pair try to do a scene from one of her pictures.

Running time - 29:30 min

Mickey Mouse Theater of the Air 38-02-27 Cinderella

Walt Disney, playing Mickey Mouse, takes Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy, through the Magic Mirror to attend Cinderella's Ball.

Running time - 28:55 min 

Red Skelton Show 42-03-17 St. Patrick's Day

Red talks about his St. Patrick's Day with Ozzie Nelson and Harriet Hilliard. Clem Kadiddlehopper visits his gal Daisy. The 'Mean Widdle Kid' goes to the barber shop. Deadeye is captured.

Running time - 30:10 min

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Six Shooter 54-01-17 The Silver Buckle

A pair of train robbers robbed and killed a passenger and made their getaway. Meanwhile Britt Ponset was awakened by two strangers claiming to be after the robbers and asked Britt to lead them through a mountain pass where they say they believe the robbers went.

James Stewart as Britt Ponset, The Six Shooter

Running time - 28:45 min

Fibber McGee And Molly 47-05-13 Smuggled Irish Tweed

Fibber buys 3 bolts of genuine Irish tweed, from a guy in a doorway, and tries to sell the material to his friends.

Running time - 28:14 min

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Saint 50-12-10 The Chiseling Chimpanzee

Simon Templar becomes involved with a trio of crooks who used a monkey to commit a crime, but the monkey held out on the gang and wound up murdered along with it's owner.

Running time - 29:36 min

Chase and Sanborn Hour 37-08-22 Glenda Farrell

Nelson Eddy starts off the show with the song, "Drums In My Heart." Charlie McCarthy has become a lemonade salesman. Dorothy Lamour sings "Stop, You're Breaking My Heart." Guest Glenda Farrell joins Don Ameche in a play called "Lucky Day." "Girl Reporter" Glenda Farrell interviews Charlie. Don Ameche sings "The Language Of Love." W. C. Fields tells Don about his trip to Hawaii, his Uncle Larceny, and how his father died. Charlie and Dorothy are having a lover's quarrel.

Cast of the Chase and Sanborn Hour:
W.C. Fields, Nelson Eddy, Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen, Don Ameche, Robert Armbruster, and Dorothy Lamour

Running time - 59:33 min

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Man Called X 48-09-05 Worth Her Weight In Gold

Thurston and Pegon board a ship in the South China Sea that's carrying 1,000 pounds of gold for the China Food Mission, that pirates are expected to steal.

Running time - 29:38 min

Monday, March 13, 2017

Abbott and Costello 45-03-08 New Press Agent

Bud hires Lou a publicity agent to help with the program. The boys perform in an Arabian play called "The Two Bedouins," or "It's Time to Change The Sheiks."

Running time - 21:29 min

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Escape 48-03-07 Jimmy Goggles, the God

A treasure hunter becomes stranded on a island with cannibals who believe he is a god because of the diving suit he wears. Story by H. G. Wells

Running time - 28:01 min

My Favorite Husband 49-02-11 Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is near, and Katie the maid wants to give a Valentine card to the butcher, but is too bashful and asks Liz to deliver it instead. When Liz delivers the card, the butcher believes Liz is in love with him. In another Valentine card mix-up, Liz gets arrested and winds up in Domestic Relations Court with both George and the butcher.

Running time - 24:21 min

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Boston Blackie 45-07-09 The Worthington Pearls

The Worthington Pearls have been stolen by a hood who slipped them into Blackie's raincoat that was being worn by Shorty, but now the pearls have disappeared and the hood is found with a knife in his chest.

Richard Kollmar starring as Boston Blackie

Running time - 26:21 min

The Great Gildersleeve 44-09-10 Water Commissioner Is Fired - Rain Maker

Gildy finds himself in hot water when the town begins to run out of water during a drought, and hires a scientist who claims he can make it rain.

Running time - 29:50 min

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Inner Sanctum Mysteries 42-9-20 The Dead Walk At Night

A man decides to murder his blind uncle for refusing to give him money to marry his fiance, but then becomes haunted by the sound of his dead uncle's tapping cane.

Running time - 23:59 min

Bulldog Drummond 42-09-14 Blind Man's Bluff

Drummond becomes interested in the murders of blind beggars that are usually stationed near government buildings, and a possible connection with a captured Nazi spy.

Starring Santos Ortega as Bulldog Drummond

Running time - 27:25 min

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Behind The Mike 40-09-22 Warming Up A Studio Audience

Host Graham McNamee introduces Harry Von Zell who describes what is meant by "warming up the audience." What a Pot Of Gold winner did with his prize money. How a radio program influenced a listener. The story behind animals on radio programs. Oddities in radio. The radio editor of The New York Sun answers questions from listeners. A spy story told by Captain Tim Healy.

Host Graham McNamee

Running time - 29:52 min

Fibber McGee And Molly 46-01-01 Tall Story Contest

The Elk's Club is having a Tall Story Contest with a one hundred dollar prize, and Fibber is attempting to write one good enough to win but can't seem to come with a good tall tale.

Running time - 29:29 min

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Eddie Cantor Show 45-02-14 Guest Hoagy Carmichael

Eddie sings "Swanee" to start the show. "Around The Clock With Eddie Cantor," follows Eddie throughout his day, starting with no breakfast, then he goes to the studio to listen to Nora Martin sing "A Little on the Lonely Side," and then tracks down his missing writers, Harry Von Zell's little son tells Eddie his troubles, then Eddie introduces The Mad Russian to Hoagy Carmichael who sings "Billiaduk."

Running time - 27:56 min

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Aldrich Family 49-01-20 Dinner Date With Kathleen

Henry invites Kathleen to dinner, but he also invites Homer and then finds out she doesn't like Homer. Henry's mother gives Kathleen advice on how to handle Homer, and Henry's father tells him how to deal with Kathleen, then the trouble starts.

Running time - 22:17 min

Stan Freberg Show 57-09-29 How to Repair a Leaky Faucet

A reporter interviews a test pilot that will operate a rocket sled. How the average American husband handles a leaky faucet. An interview with a man starting his own labor union. Stan tries to sing the song "Sh-Boom," from his latest album.

Running time - 28:45 min

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Bob Hope Show 45-11-20 From El Toro Marine Base - Joe E Brown

Jerry Colonna telephones Bob from jail for speeding. Skinnay Ennis sings "In The Middle Of May," then Frances Langford sings "It's Been A Long, Long Time." Joe E. Brown and Bob perform an old vaudeville routine.

Running time - 28:14 min