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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Jack Benny Program 39-04-30 Seventh Anniversary Show

The gang celebrates Jack's anniversary.  Jack and Don reminisce  about the beginning of the Jello Program, then get into an argument. Phil surprises Jack by treating him and the gang to dinner at Shlepperman's Hawaiian Night Club, where another surprise awaits.

Running time - 28:26 min

Mutual Broadcasting System In Review 38-01-02 - 1937 In Review

The Mutual Networks present highlights from the year 1937, including FDR's re-inauguration, Ohio and Mississippi river floods, A CIO strike victory, The Hindenburg disaster, Outstanding sports events, The American Legion parade in New York,  and other events of the year.

Running time - 30:23 min

Monday, April 28, 2014

Behind The Mike 41-05-18 Amusing Stories Behind Radio

Host Graham McNamee introduces the columnist Al Simon who has collected amusing stories about radio, and dramatizes some of his findings. Sound Effects of the Week. A human interest story about how radio kept a boy out of reform school. Amusing mistakes make by radio announcers.  Questions from listeners.  A dramatization of a story conference for a shows script that's gone wrong.

Host Graham McNamee

Running time - 29:16 min

Hallmark Playhouse 50-02-23 Autobiography of Will Rogers

Host James Hilton along with Will Rogers Jr, introduce the Autobiography of Will Rogers, starring Edward Arnold.

Running time - 30:21 min

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Suspense 43-02-16 In Fear and Trembling

A woman in ill health becomes convinced by premonitions that her husband and her half-sister are in love and want to kill her. Starring Mary Astor.

Mary Astor

Running time - 29:50 min

I Love Adventure 48-05-02 The Great Airmail Robbery

Jack Packard is summoned to a meeting of the "21 Old Men of 10 Gramercy Park" for his second assignment, where he meets his old pal Reggie York who will assist him in his mission.  Jack and Reggie are to travel to Saudi Arabia to seize a pirate plane and its crew, that have been staging daring midair plane robberies.

Running time - 29:44 min

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Bickersons 47-02-09 The New Tuxedo

On the Drene Time program, Don Ameche is upset to learn that Danny Thomas can hear everything through the ventilator.  On the Bickersons, John has to attend a silver wedding anniversary for his boss, but finds out Blanche loaned his tuxedo to her brother Amos, and it had a hundred dollars in the pocket.

Running time - 31:03 min

The Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 47-03-09 Will Benny Renew Phil's Contract

Phil is worried Jack Benny might not renew his contract, until he finds out Jack is desperate to keep him.

Running time - 27:03 min

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Duffy's Tavern 45-04-27 Fish and Fantasy - Guest John Garfield

To compete against another bar, Archie plans to start a theater group at the tavern featuring his own original plays, and get John Garfield to join in.

Running time - 29:33 min

The Jimmy Durante Show 47-11-12 Guest - Dorothy Lamour

Jimmy talks about traveling to Washington DC to the Press Photographers Ball, and while there, plans speak to Truman about how to solve the nations' problems. Riding on the Super Chief, Jimmy meets Dorothy Lamour, and has a dream about the two of them on a tropical island.

Running time - 30:14 min

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bergen and McCarthy 43-03-28 Roy Rogers

Charlie becomes a beekeeper after bringing back a bee from his trip to Mexico. Charlie, with a western accent, claims to be an expert on the old west, but guest Roy Rogers sets him straight.

Running - 26:13 min

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Phil Harris Alice Faye Show 50-04-09 The Easter Bunny

Phil's kids get Mel Blanc to dress up as an Easter Bunny to play a joke on Phil, but he goes into a panic when he sees it.  Alice thinks he's seeing things, and tries to snap him out of it by bringing in another giant rabbit.

Running time 30:33 min

Jack Benny Program 38-04-17 At the Circus - Easter Show

Mary tells the gang about Jack appearing in the Easter Parade that morning, then recites an Easter poem.  Jack surprises the gang by treating them to the circus, and Andy Devine shows up in time to join them.

Running time - 29:30 min

Fibber McGee And Molly 48-03-23 Molly's Easter Dress Creation

Molly wins a contest with the prize being a fancy designer dress made just for her.

Running time - 28:06 min

Burns and Allen 48-03-25 Gracie Buys George An Easter Outfit

Gracie schemes to get George's measurements for a new suit, but the plan goes awry.

Running time - 29:41 min

The Great Gildersleeve 52-04-09 Easter Sunrise Service

The family decides to attend the Easter Sunrise Service, and hear Birdie sing a hymn, but Gildy is reluctant to get up so early.

Running time - 28:19 min

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Milton Berle Show 49-04-20 Salute to Baseball

Foreign announcers broadcasting American baseball games. Berle takes questions from the audience about baseball, and takes his son to see a ballgame.

Running time - 27:10 min

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Bickersons 47-02-23 Amos The Driving Instructor

Danny Thomas tells Don Ameche about his adventures as an archaeologist. On the Bickersons, John gets upset to find out Amos used John's car to be a driving instructor, and had an accident, and wound up in jail.

Running time - 29:46 min

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jimmy Durante Show 48-04-28 Women In Industry With Lucille Ball

Jimmy thinks a woman's place is in the home, so Lucille Ball takes him into the future to see how it would work out if women ran industry and the men stayed at home.  Jimmy still thinks women should stay at home, so he takes Lucille and Peggy Lee on a tour around the country to see if women would fit in industry.

Running time - 29:08 min

The Life Of Riley 48-05-01 Baseball Uniform

Junior needs a baseball uniform, so Riley gets him a second-hand uniform, but Riley says it use to belong to him.  Junior and his friends discover the uniform came from a reform school and they all think Riley was a criminal.

Running time - 29:03 min

Monday, April 14, 2014

Black Castle 42-12-16 Escape To Death

A thief on the run enters the home of a mad scientist to escape the police. Unfortunately for the thief, he is needed for an unusual experiment.

Running time - 13:31 min

Jack Benny Program 43-04-25 Rochester's Horse Is in the Kentucky Derby

Rochester bought a horse from Jack for 4 dollars and entered him in the Kentucky Derby, but Jack won't let him go to Kentucky to watch the race. Don Wilson has written a play for Jack and Mary called "Love's Young Dream".

Eddie "Rochester" Anderson with his race horse, Burnt Cork

Running time - 29:30 min

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fred Allen 47-10-19 The Perfect Crime

The question for Allen's Alley is "Have you ever been swindled."  Fred writes a movie called "The Perfect Crime", for guest James Mason.

Running time - 29:33 min

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sherlock Holmes 45-05-07 Purloined Ruby

Holmes comes out of retirement on his bee farm to answer a request for help from an actor playing the part of Sherlock Holmes in a stage play, who needs his help in retrieving a stolen jewel.

Running time - 29:42 min

Jack Benny Program 39-05-07 The Kentucky derby

Jack and the gang present a tribute to the Kentucky Derby with a play where they all play the part of horses.

Running time - 29:08 min

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Great Gildersleeve 42-03-22 Gildy's New Neighbors

New neighbors move in next door, and even while Gildy tries his best to keep a good neighbor policy, the new people cause nothing but aggravation for the Gildersleeve household.

Running time - 25:41 min

The Man Called X 47-09-18 The Throne Of Tayneen

Mister X travels to French Indochina to find out what happened to the missing members of a scientific mission, after one of the scientists was found murdered, who had discovered a 2 million dollar treasure.

Running time - 25:20 min

Monday, April 7, 2014

Rocky Fortune 54-01-26 Hauling Nitro

A man hires Rocky to drive a truckload of nitro, and goes along as co-driver.  Along the way they pick up a stranded woman, and later when they stop to eat, Rocky learns his boss was strangled to death in the truck  when they had earlier been stopped by a cop, who turned out to be a phony.

Frank Sinatra Starring as Rock Fortune

Running time - 23:43 min

Philip Marlowe 49-06-18 The Busy Body

Marlowe reluctantly agrees to search for a missing fiancee and finds he may be dead, but his corpse won't stay still.

Gerald Mohr starring as Philip Marlowe

Running time - 29:54 min

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Shadow 38-01-16 Sabotage

The Navy is suffering from a string of disasters that are really acts of sabotage, all traced to one shipyard. The Shadow takes it upon himself to break up a spy ring.

Running time - 27:59 min

Jack Benny 38-03-06 Don Wilson's Fifteenth Anniversary In Radio

For Don's anniversary, Mary reads him a poem, and Jack hires an announcer to do the commercial to give Don and break, but it doesn't work out.  Jack is going to play "Thanks for the Memories" for Don, but the writers of the song try and bribe Jack not to play it.

Running time - 29:30 min

Saturday, April 5, 2014

CBS Radio Mystery Theater 77-06-28 The Adventure Of The Speckled Band

Sherlock Holmes is asked to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of a woman 2 years ago, when those same circumstances now threaten the life of the dead woman's twin sister.

Running time - 44:35 min

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fibber McGee And Molly 39-05-16 Zither Lessons and Buried Treasure

Fibber finally gets his zither, but doesn't get any respect for his musical prowess.  Fibber has trouble keeping chickens out of his yard, and later thinks they may have located buried treasure.

Running Time - 29:32 min

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sealed Book 45-4-22 Death at Storm House

A woman jealous of her husband, passes away, but before she dies tells him she's leaving her fortune to him but only if he lives in the house for 6 months of every year for the rest of his life, and never remarries. He does remarry, and his new wife begins to have frightening experiences.

Running time - 30:00 min

The Roy Rogers Show 52-03-07 Loco Weed

A rancher is losing his cattle to a strange disease and is about to lose his ranch, but Roy suspects a swindler is behind the ranchers' troubles and plans to stop him.

Running time - 30:41 min

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ellery Queen 45-11-07 The Message in Red

Ellery solves the mystery of a series of murders involving three women killed with the same gun and who didn't appear to have any connection between them.

Santos Ortega as Inspector Queen, Hugh Marlowe as Ellery Queen and Marian Shockley as Ellery's assistant, Nikki.

Running time 29:28 min