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Monday, April 27, 2015

Fibber McGee And Molly 39-03-21 The Spring Haircut

After getting a haircut, Fibber fears he may be growing bald, and tries to find a scalp specialist.

Running time - 28:46 min

Sunday, April 26, 2015

CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74-02-02 A Ghostly Game of Death

A real estate developer hires a pair of ghost hunters to get rid of the ghost haunting an old house that no one wants to enter.

Host E. G. Marshall

Running time - 45:17 min

Fred Allen Show 46-06-23 50th Anniversary of the Telephone Company

The Allen's Alley question for the day is: "Now that it has been with us for 50 years, what is your reaction to the telephone?" Fred is getting a band together, and Oscar Levant wants to join.

Running time - 30:00 min

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Orson Welles Radio Almanac 44-04-05 Guest Dennis Day

With the housing shortage, Orson tries to find an apartment. A jazz group plays "That's A Plenty." Orson rents a lawnmower from Jack Benny, and Dennis Day delivers it. Orson rehearses a play with his secretary, and Dennis. Orson recites a scene from Hamlet.

Running time - 28:52 min

Chase and Sanborn Hour 38-10-30 Madeline Carroll

Edgar Bergen refuses to let Charlie McCarthy have a Halloween party. Bergen tries to tell a ghost story. Commercial for Charlie McCarthy's Radio Game. Actress Madeline Carroll performs with Don Ameche in the play, "There's Always Julia." Judy Canova and her kin, tell of their visit to a football game. Madeline presents Charlie with a letter from one of his French admirers.

Running time - 59:38 min

Friday, April 17, 2015

This Is Your Life 54-12-12 Laurel and Hardy

Host Ralph Edwards surprises both Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy with people and memories from their lives.

Running time -28:44 min

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chase And Sanborn Hour 37-10-17 Guests Clark Gable and The Stroud Twins

Edgar Bergen is studying to be an eye doctor and wants to examine Charlie's eyes. 2 minute delay in broadcast. Clark Gable and Don Ameche play a scene from "All's Quiet on the Western Front."  Charlie, Clark, and Nelson Eddie compete to win Dorothy Lamour's heart. The Stroud Twins perform a comedy routine.

Running time - 59:36 min

The Bing Crosby Show 50-02-08 Guest Fred Allen

Fred Allen jokes with Bing about his retirement and they sing a western song Fred wrote.

Running time - 30:52 min

Monday, April 13, 2015

Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 48-12-05 Remley Wants To Borrow Phil's Family

Remley's wealthy aunt is coming for a visit, and to fool her into including him in her Will, he wants to rent Alice and the kids.

Running time - 29:11 min

CBS Radio Mystery Theater 78-10-11 The Man in Black

A woman meets a dying man who says a "man in black" has shot him. When she reluctantly reports the murder to the police, they don't believe her because they found no body, but later she finds her own life in danger.

Host E.G. Marshall

Running time - 43:20 min

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Adventures of Philip Marlowe 50-02-14 The Grim Echo

Marlowe gets stuck in a snowstorm and finds refuge at an Inn run by a family with a grudge against him.

Gerald Mohr starring as Philip Marlowe

Running time - 29:52 min

Friday, April 3, 2015

Our Miss Brooks 50-04-09 Easter Egg Dye

Walter invents some new Easter egg dye that takes 24 hours for the color to show up, but it gets mistaken for regular soap.

Running time - 30:11 min

Great Gildersleeve 43-04-25 Rabbits

While preparations are being made for Easter at the Gildersleeve household, a crate of rabbits that Leroy ordered has arrived, and are on the loose.

Running time - 29:49 min

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Mel Blanc Show 47-04-08 Easter Egg Hunt

The shopkeepers in town are contributing eggs in the Annual Easter Egg Hunt to advertise their businesses, and when anyone finds one of the special eggs, they win a cash prize from the shopkeeper. Mel entered an egg for his Fix-it shop but can't afford to pay the prize.

Running time - 24:51 min

Our Miss Brooks 49-04-17 Easter Outfit

Miss Brooks decides to work through the spring holiday at the board of education office to earn enough money for an Easter dress, but finds too many deductions in her paycheck to afford it.

Running time - 28:30 min