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Friday, May 31, 2013

Cavalcade of America 41-02-26 Edgar Allan Poe

A biography of the unhappy life of the poet and writer.

Running time - 29:39 min

Biographies in Sound 56-09-25 The Adventures of W C Fields

Fred Allen narrates "Magnificent Rogue: The Adventures of W. C. Fields", with clips from many famous personalities recounting their memories of Fields. This was Fred's last program before his death in March 1956.

Running time - 54:25 min

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Mel Blanc Show 47-04-01 April Fools

Mel plays an April Fool's Day joke on Mr. Colby by telling him that he's inherited a fortune from England.

Running time - 23:41 min

Dimension X 1950-04-22 Report On Barnhouse Effect

A mild college professor discovers the secret of telekinesis and becomes a most potent weapon.

Running time - 30:00 min

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lux Radio Theater 49-11-28 Key Largo

Edward G. Robinson stars as gangster Johnny Rocco, returning to the United States to start his rackets once again.  Also starring Claire Trevor, Dan Seymour, Edmond O'Brien, and intermission guest seventeen-year-old Debbie Reynolds.

Running time - 56:15 min

The Shadow 1937-09-26 Deathhouse Rescue

The first show of the series with "The Shadow" as a force against crime and not just a phantom announcer. Just before an innocent man is to be executed for murder, The Shadow uses mental telepathy to get the goods on the real killers.  Starring Orson Welles as The Shadow, and Agnes Moorehead as Margo.

Running time - 29:09 min

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sherlock Holmes 1948-04-11 The Adventure Of The Empty House

Holmes returns from the dead after three years to solve a locked room murder and capture the last member of Moriarty's gang.

Running time - 23:41 min

Lux Radio Theater 45-01-08 I Never Left Home

This Lux production, instead of their usual adaptation of a film, is based on a book by Bob Hope entitled "I Never Left Home",  the story of Bob's trip overseas to entertain the troops during wartime. Starring Bob  Hope, Frances Langford, Tony Romano, Jerry Colonna, and introduced by Cecil B. DeMille.

Running time - 59:42 min

Monday, May 27, 2013

Bob Hope 44-10-17 From Stockton Air Field

Hope performs for the cadets at the Stockton Army Air Field in the San Joaquin Vally, California, with Frances Langford, Jerry Colonna, Vera Vague, and Skinnay Ennis and his orchestra.

Running time - 30:12 min

Wings To Victory 43-04-01 Raid In Burma

A dramatization of one of General Chennault's Flying Tigers missions in Burma, to assist in the investigation into the damage done by the Japanese to an important Chinese underground warning network. They next stage a daring raid on a Japanese airfield.

Running time - 29:39 min

Great Gildersleeve 43-05-30 Memorial Day Parade

After marching in the Memorial Day Parade, Gildersleeve decides to write a Will in preparation of his upcoming wedding, and Judge Hooker helps him with it, believing he'll be included in the Will. With money he's leaving in his Will, Gildersleeve considers having a memorial fountain erected in his memory.

Running time - 29:51 min

Sunday, May 26, 2013

What Are We Fighting For 42-04-09 What Pearl Harbor Means To Me

The job of reporting the progress of Americas' war efforts from Pearl Harbor to date falls to Columbia correspondent Lee White, who had been injured during the conflict in the Balkans.

Running time - 15:39 min

Fibber McGee And Molly 43-12-07 The War Is Not Almost Over

Molly wants Fibber to buy war bonds with money he just won, but thinking the war is almost over, he wants to invest in soy beans.  Fibber loses the money anyway because of a bet he made with the Mayor two years before, that the war would be over by now.

Running time - 30:00 min

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Great Gildersleeve 43-09-12 War Bond Drive

Summerfield is going all out to sell U. S. War Bonds. Gildersleeve makes an eloquent appeal for bond purchases.

Running time 29:50 min

Fred Allen Show 45-10-28 Charlie Mccarthy Sues Fred for Slander

Allen's Alley Question: "How do you think women will fit into the postwar business world?"  Charlie McCarthy takes Fred to court and sues him for slander.

Running time - 29:16 min

Friday, May 24, 2013

Inner Sanctum 52-06-22 Birdsong for a Murderer

Boris Karloff stars in this tale of an insane murderer with a love for canaries, who
 tries leading a normal life after having previously escaped from an insane asylum.

Running time - 22:23 min

Fibber McGee And Molly 52-04-15 All You Can Eat for One Dollar

Fibber hears a radio advertisement for "All you can eat for a dollar" at a restaurant, and he and Molly rush to take advantage of the sale.  They start out at breakfast, and McGee stuffs himself all day.

Running time - 28:12

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fred Allen 1940-03-27 Guest T Hee - Who Killed Mack Borden

Freds' guest T Hee is the director of Walt Disneys' Pinocchio, and tells how it was made. Fred takes us to Tin Pan Alley for the Mighty Allen Art Players play, the murder mystery "Who Killed Mack Borden".

Running time - 57:41 min

Jack Benny 1939-03-19 Jack Has A Cold

Jack is sick with a cold that he got from Carmichael, so Rochester has to play nursemaid to them both. Mary tells Jack that Fred Allen claims Benny is actually a fake, and that his real name is Maxwell Stroud.

Running time - 28:46 min

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Green Hornet 39-06-13 Not One Cent For Tribute

The Hornet breaks up a gasoline station protection racket.

Running time - 26:42 min

Weird Circle 45-05-06 The Red Hand

A woman,  along with her maid, take flight after she discovers her husband is secretly the head of a murderous criminal organization, and that he plans to eliminate her, for her fortune, before she learns his secret.

Running time - 24:42 min

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hall of Fantasy 53-07-20 The Treasure of Kublai Khan

An American couple, lured into aiding a Persian treasure hunter in his search for the fabled lost treasure of Kublai Khan, accompany him into the remote Iranian wilderness, undeterred by legends of the Mongol general who guards the treasure against all defilers.

Running time - 27:23 min

Duffy's Tavern 45-01-12 Archie's Adaptation of Frankenstein with Boris Karloff

Archie attempts to explain inflation to Finnegan.  Archie writes a play for his guest Boris Karloff, to be performed at a war bond rally.

Running time - 22:03 min

Monday, May 20, 2013

Bergen and McCarthy 45-10-28 Boris Karloffs Haunted House

Charlie has gotten into a fight, and claims he was defending Bergen's honor. Guest Boris Karloff brings Charlie and his friends to his haunted house.

Running time - 29:51 min

X Minus One 10-20-1955 Childs' Play

A man receives a "Build-A-Man" kit from the future, and creates a duplicate of himself.

Running time - 23:08 min

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rocky Fortune 54-02-09 Catskills Cover-Up

Rocky becomes a  social director to help a man involved in a post office robbery.

Running time - 23:59 min

Great Gildersleeve 41-09-07 The Cake

After eating a cake baked by Marjorie, Gildersleeve and Leroy try to bake their own cake to replace it.

Running time - 29:49 min

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Quiet Please 48-02-16 Whence Came You

An archaeologist in Egypt meets an old buddy and learns that a beautiful and mysterious woman has been asking about him. Ancient remains of an Egyptian city are unearthed, and dark secrets that should have remained buried come to the surface.

Running time - 29:28 min

Martin & Lewis Show 49-11-28 Violating Child Labor Laws

The Child Welfare Board threatens to close the nightclub where Martin and Lewis are performing because Dean's "son" Jerry is underage. Jerry has to take a mental test and winds up back in elementary school.

Running time - 29:32 min

Friday, May 17, 2013

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fred Allen - Texaco Star Theater 42-11-15 Guest Gracie Fields

Guest Gracie Fields sings and joins Fred in British versions of American radio shows.

Running time - 28:02

Sherlock Holmes 46-04-15 Headless Monk

Holmes and Watson join with a "student of the occult" to solve the mystery of a chapel the local folk swear is cursed by evil, and the appearance of a legendary headless monk.

Running time - 27:55 min

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy 44-11-05 Guest John Robert Powers

Edgar gets arrested for vagrancy and comes up before Judge (Orson) Welles. Orson and Edgar meet on the streets of New York fifty years in the future. A visit from John Robert Powers, the founder of the Powers Model Agency, prompts Charley to try to date one of the models. Effie Clinker decides that she would like to be a "Powers Girl."

Running time - 28:41 min

The Lone Ranger 38-04-29 Train Wreck Plot

Snake Loughlin has plans to cause a train wreck so he can steal a shipment of gold.

Running time - 14:31 min

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fred Allen 1940-03-20 An eagle escapes into the audience

A trained eagle escapes to the roof of the studio. The Mighty Allen Art Players satirize "The Pot Of Gold" program, with a skit called, "The Tub Of Silver."

Running time - 59:02 min

Sherlock Holmes 46-03-25 Girl With Gazelle

Holmes battles Dr. Moriarty again, as he tries to solve the puzzle of how a valuable painting was stolen from a sealed room.

Running time - 27:59 min

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Man Called X 51-01-13 Five Ounces Of Treason

An old acquaintance of Ken Thurston runs into an airplane propeller at La Guardia airport. He had pamphlets about how to create sabotage in his pockets. Thurston leaves for Cuba to find the source of the "infection."

Running time - 29:03 min

Hercule Poirot - 45-11-23 - Murder is a Private Affair

A headstrong old woman thinks that changing her will will prevent her from being murdered.

Running time - 26:26 min

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Aldrich Family 48-04-29 Mother's Day

Confusion runs rampant on Mother's Day when Henrys' plans for the family go awry.

Running time - 29:22 min

Jack Benny Program 38-05-08 Mothers Day Show

An old school chum of Jacks', the Mayor of Waukegan, Illinois visits the show and joins the gang in a play.

Running time - 29:30 min

Life of Riley 47-05-10 Model Son, the Mother's Day Speech

Riley's mother makes a batch of delicious doughnuts, which leads Riley to getting in trouble with the Mother's Day Committee.

Running time - 28:45 min

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Green Hornet 42-5-23 A slip of the lip

The Hornet investigates a waterfront tavern being used to gain troop transport information for enemy agents.

Running time - 28:38 min

The Shadow 40-12-08 The Voice of Death

A creepy mansion in the Louisiana bayous leads Lamont and Margo to large dogs with the voices of kittens and a mad scientist who changes the voices of his victims.

Running time - 24:09 min

Friday, May 10, 2013

Academy Awards Theater 46-04-27 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The famous fairy tale based on the Disney movie, about the story of an evil witch-queen, whose vain jealousy causes her to inflict the "sleeping death" upon Snow White.

Running time - 30:29 min

Fred Allen 49-06-26 Henry Morgan, Mr. X

Fred and Portland walk down Main Street and ask people about summer vacation.  Fred meets Henry Morgan standing in front of a pawn shop, trying to pawn a moose head. Fred takes Henry to a bank to get a loan from a mysterious "Mr. X" who spends his summers counting his money in his private vault deep below the Chase National Bank.  You get one guess as to who Mr. X is.

Running time - 29:56 min

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Adventures Of The Thin Man 43-10-10 Nora's Wedding Anniversary

Nora is all broken up because she believes Nick forgot their anniversary.  Nick didn't forget, but the flowers and jewels that were supposed to go to Nora were delivered to one of Nicks' old girlfriends by mistake, for a funeral for her late husband, but the jewels and the body are missing.

Running time - 28:48 min

Fibber McGee and Molly 39-01-31 Military Advisor

Wistful Vista plays host to the winter military maneuvers and war games, and McGee convinces the General that he's a retired Major and offers his services as an advisor, with disastrous results.

Running time - 27:45 min

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bulldog Drummond 48-06-16 Death In The Deep

After Bulldog Drummond finds a dead body floating in a stormy sea, and realizing he doesn't have enough fuel to reach shore in his own boat, Drummond and Denny take refuge aboard a yacht, only to find a killer disposing of its passengers. Starring  Ned Weaver as Bulldog Drummond.

Running time - 28:01 min

Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy 43-09-12 Humphrey Bogart

Humphrey Bogart reminds everyone to buy war bonds.  Edgar tells Charlie he has to pay income tax.  Victor Moore pays 25 dollars to become a famous crooner. Charlie asks Bogart to help him operate a jail Charlie bought, with Bergens' money.

Running time - 22:59 min