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Friday, February 28, 2014

The Big Show 51-01-07 Fred Allen - Danny Thomas

Fred Allen plans to get back into radio as a sponsor. Edward G Robinson stars in a play about a man planning to avenge the murder of his son.  Marlene Dietrich and Tallulah Bankhead argue over their ages. Danny Thomas sings a comedic version of a western song.  Everyone talks about their New Years Eve, then Tallulah gives a monologue about a New Years party, followed by Fred and Edward giving the mans side of the story.

Running time - 1:28:27 min

The Bickersons 48-05-28 The Bachelor Dinner

Frank Morgan goes to court for speeding, then tells Don Ameche how his family has been involved in auto racing. Blanche gives John a hard time about a bachelor dinner he attended.

Running time - 27:04 min

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Eddie Cantor Show 48-01-08 Guest - Al Jolson

Warner Brothers is going to make The Life of Eddie Cantor, so Eddie goes to visit Al Jolson for advice.

Running time - 29:51 min

Dangerous Assignment 50-06-07 Deadly Bacteria

Steve Mitchell must rush to Istanbul to foil a mysterious plot to cause numerous deaths that will be blamed on the Americans.

Running time - 29:17 min

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fibber McGee and Molly 42-01-27 The Blizzard

During a bad snow storm, a man visits Fibber to deliver a message from the Governor, but before he can do that, everyone else visits to escape the storm.

Running time - 30:39 min

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mercury Theater On The Air 38-09-25 The Immortal Sherlock Holmes

Orson Welles hosts and stars in this Mercury Theater adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes Case of Alice Faulkner, a woman who is being held against her will by the minions of Professor Moriarty.

Running time - 56:28 min

Jack Benny Program 41-02-09 The Sponsor Likes Herbert Marshall

Jack becomes jealous when after missing last weeks show, he hears the cast rave about how good Herbert Marshall was while substituting for Jack.

Running time - 30:26 min

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sealtest Variety Theater 48-09-16 Sir Lancelot of the Lake

Dorothy Lamour is upset that Eddie Bracken is a guest and pretends to cry to get him to leave, meanwhile Eddie does celebrity imitations to cheer her up. Guest Ray Milland and Dorothy perform a play called "Sir Lunchalot Of Lake."

Host Dorothy Lamour

Running time - 28:05 min

The Shadow 39-01-22 Valley Of The Living Dead

Lamont and Margo investigate strange rumors about an isolated valley, to find a man who has taken absolute control over a community of people that have been robbed of their free will.

Running time - 29:27 min

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74-05-02 Dracula

Van Helsing, John and Mina Harker, are unable to save Lucy from Dracula, but Van Helsing leads the two in an effort to release Lucy from a life of the undead.

* Note: 1974 commercials included, and a brief news report begins after the programs ends, starting with the Watergate scandal.

Running time - 55:22 min

Jack Benny Program 39-10-08 Dennis Day's First Show

The gang returns for the first show of the season, to be met by the shows new tenor, Dennis Day, and his mother.

Running time - 29:30 min

Monday, February 17, 2014

Fred Allen - Texaco Star Theater 41-05-28 The Great Studio Economy Wave

Texaco News interviews a cranberry grower who complains about the President moving Thanksgiving, then a pet shop owner whose business is going to the dogs.  Next is a Deli owner who switches to southern food. Fred's guest is a horse dentist who discusses his work. Kenny Baker goes into the matrimonial business with a con man. The Texaco Workshop Players present "The Great Studio Economy Wave," or "Everybody Got A Salary Cut, and The Boss Was The Knife Of The Party."

Running time - 59:41 min

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nick Carter 47-03-23 The Case of the Crystal Prophecy

Nick investigates a series of suspicious suicides of wealthy young women.

Charlotte Manson as Patsy Bowen and Lon Clark as Nick Carter

Running time - 25:54 min

Charlie McCarthy 47-02-16 Nelson Eddy, Billie Burke

Charlie teases Bergen about his birthday and presents him with a can of lighter fluid as a gift, but then gets into trouble when it's learned Charlie spent the money Bergen's friends pitched in on to have him buy a monogrammed cigarette lighter for Bergen.

Running time - 28:44 min

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Philip Marlowe 48-10-17 Where Theres a Will

Marlowe is asked to assist the heirs to a fortune, only available to them if they cooperate and share clues to hidden bonds, but one or more of the heirs are planning murder.

Gerald Mohr starring as Philip Marlowe

Running time - 29:29 min

Charlie McCarthy 44-02-06 Susan Hayward

Charlie gets into trouble with Bergen after he and his pals steal a handcar from a railroad tool shed. Susan Hayward, Charlie, and Bergen portray romantic life in the Stone Age.

Running time - 22:36 min

Friday, February 14, 2014

Jack Benny Program 42-02-15 How Jack Spent His Birthday

It's Jack's birthday, and he tries to get a date for the movies. Rochester gives Benny a haircut using a goldfish bowl. Mary tells Rochester that the gang is throwing Jack a surprise party, and tries to keep Jack from leaving home.

Running time - 29:30 min

Jack Benny Program 49-02-13 Jack's Birthday is Tomorrow

Jack is happily anticipating his 40th birthday. The gang are receiving odd hints that Jack's birthday is coming up. Jack announces that he'll be on the Ford Theater performing The Horn Blows at Midnight. Jack's sister wires him that he'll actually be 39 years old.

Running time - 29:57 min

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Suspense 45-02-14 Most Dangerous Game

The survivor of a shipwreck manages to make it to a island where he meets a hunter, who hunts men for sport. Starring Joseph Cotten and J. Carrol Naish.

Starring Joseph Cotten

Running time - 29:27 min

The Great Gildersleeve 51-02-14 Throwing Snowballs

Gildy gets pelted with snowballs and accuses Leroy, but the boy denied it and has been doing everything he's been told and being very good, too good.

Willard Waterman as The Great Gildersleeve

Running time - 30:00 min

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Charlie McCarthy 43-02-14 Charles Ruggles

Charlie advertises for new parents, then consults a fortune teller about his real parents. Charlie Ruggles tries to sell Bergen a haunted house.

*Note:  Slight noise throughout. Incomplete.

Running time - 21:01

Fibber McGee and Molly 42-02-10 Valentine Candy

Molly receives a big box of candy and believes Fibber sent it, but he can't remember buying it.

Running time - 30:23 min

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jack Benny Show 38-02-13 Robert Taylor Plays Cello

Jack brags about being selected as one of the ten best dressed men in the country.  Dennis gives Jack a birthday cake with 50 candles.  Mary helps Jack rehearse for part in a new film, but Robert Taylor interrupts to teach Jack how to perform a love scene. Robert Taylor with a cello, and Jack on his violin, play "Mighty Like A Rose".

Running time - 30:10 min

CBS Radio Mystery Theater 80-02-20 The Vampire Plant

A man frustrated at having to care for his invalid mother, meets a woman he wants to marry and brings her home to met his mother.  The woman gives the mother a gift of a strange plant for her bedroom, but the next morning, the mother is dead.

*Note:  Audio quality is good until the last 15 minutes.

Mystery Theater host E.G. Marshall

Running time - 45:48 min

Monday, February 10, 2014

Suspense 43-02-02 The Doctor Prescribed Death

Bela Lugosi stars as a doctor that has a theory that people who want to commit suicide, can instead be convinced to commit murder, and sets out to prove it.

Running time - 29:35 min

Lights Out 43-07-20 Profits Unlimited

Arch Oboler presents a story about a woman who inherits a strange island factory where generations of workers, virtual slaves, have been kept at the machines for over 3 hundred years, for profit.

Running time - 29:12 min

Sunday, February 9, 2014

CBS Radio Mystery Theater 75-10-16 Stay Out Of Dutchman's Woods

In spite of an innkeepers' warning, a young couple vacationing in Maine decide to go off on a picnic in Dutchman's Woods, a place were men, and only men, get mysteriously lost.

Mystery Theater Host, E. G. Marshall

Running time - 42:44 min

Sherlock Holmes 47-12-07 Professor Moriarity and The Diamond Jubilee

Holmes receives  a letter from the long thought dead, Professor Moriarity, who threatens to destroy both Holmes and Watson after committing several crimes and ultimately blowing up Buckingham Palace during Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

Running time - 29:11 min

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Fred Allen - Texaco Star Theater 41-02-12 Chief Nee Da Beh, Indian Guide

The Texaco News of the Week reports on the heavy rains on the East Coast.  Fred's guest is Indian chief Nee Da Bay, who tells about his life as a guide, and does some animal impressions. Kenny Baker gets a job with a singing telegraph service but it doesn't last.  The Texaco Workshop Players present their version of a quiz show called "Truth Or Subsequences."

Running time - 59:23 min

The Jack Benny Show 37-02-14 Jack's Birthday

It's Jack's birthday and the gang presents him with unusual gifts.  Jack performs a skit called "The Highlights in the life of Fred Allen".  'The Old Maestro' Ben Bernie pays Jack a visit, and offers to let Jack use his violin to play The Bee, since Jack's own violin was stolen.

Running time - 28:49 min

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Fred Allen Show 46-01-20 A Movie on Fred Allens Life

The question for the residents of Allen's Alley is "How are you coping with the meat shortage."  Fred tells about a meeting he had with Georgie Jessel, who wanted to do a movie on Fred's life.

Running time - 28:33 min

Abbott and Costello 43-03-16 At the Circus with Alan Hale

Bud and Lou agree to help out at a charity circus.  The manager tries to get Costello to use his head as a baseball target, he refuses, but agrees to a wrestling match with Abbott.

Running time - 29:14 min

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Burns and Allen 40-08-05 George's Movie

George is excited about a producer being interested in having him in a movie, but unfortunately, Gracie plans to help him get the part.

Running time - 29:39 min

The Jack Benny Show 37-12-19 Little Red Riding Hood

Jack passes out Christmas presents for members of the cast, but they all claim they hadn't gotten him anything. The gang performs their version of Little Red Riding Hood, with Jack playing both Little Red's Father and the wolf.

Running time - 28:42 min

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Man Called X 51-04-21 Race Against Death

Mister X travels to Puerto Rico to investigate the death of a reporter, possibly at the hands of revolutionaries.

Running time - 32:18 min

The Shadow 45-02-11 Ghost Without A Face

A theater owner seeks Lamont's help to get rid of a dead actors ghost.

Running time - 29:11 min

Monday, February 3, 2014

Chase And Sanborn Hour 39-09-17 Guests - Helen Broderick, Fred MacMurray

Charlie and Edgar have returned from Hawaii, and Charlie talks about the good times they had, and makes fun of a woman Edgar met there.  Don Ameche and Fred MacMurray perform a radio play titled "Brenda".  Helen Broderick does a sketch about a secretary, then gets into a feud with Charlie.

Running time - 59:44 min

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Bickersons 47-05-18 Blanches stomach pains

Don Ameche has to have a talk with Danny Thomas who thinks he's in love with Frances Langford. Blanche Bickerson wakes up John to complain about being sick, and then tries to get him to make out a Will.

Running time - 31:45 min

Fibber McGee and Molly 43-03-02 Breakfast In Bed For Molly

Fibber decides to make breakfast for Molly, but his culinary skills aren't quite as good as he thinks.

Running time - 29:21 min